Watch Reba McEntire Rock Broadway in “Annie Get Your Gun”


Is there anything Reba McEntire can’t do? The Queen of Country has topped the music charts, appeared in movies, and had her own television show. But did you know that the famous redhead also appeared on Broadway? Reba played Annie Oakley in the hit musical Annie Get Your Gun. And she absolutely rocked the house.

Annie Get Your Gun

Reba McEntire, Annie Get Your Gun, Broadway, Annie Oakley
Reba McEntire as Annie Oakley in the Broadway “Annie Get Your Gun” (photo from

The role of Annie Oakley was perfect for Reba McEntire. Oakley was born in 1860 and died in 1926. Her sharp aim and wild life became the stuff of legend. The sharpshooter even starred in Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show.  Though McEntire isn’t a Wild West star or sharpshooter, she is a spunky woman who stood firm to make it to the top. Besides that, she is an Oklahoma native with rodeo roots, and she grew up with horses, guns, and country life.

Irving Berlin wrote the lyrics and music for the fictionalized stage version of Oakley’s life. Annie Get Your Gun first appeared on Broadway in 1946. It was such a hit it had long runs in both New York and London. The show had a 1998 revival with Bernadette Peters as Oakley. And though Peters was certainly qualified for the role, Reba McEntire brought something to the role that made it even better. She was an real-life country girl playing the life of a country girl. 

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