All The Laughs With Luke Bryan Playing Catchphrase On Jimmy Fallon



It turns out that Luke Bryan is a great partner to have in party games. On an appearance of The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, Bryan faced off in an epically hilarious game of catchphrase. He was Fallon’s partner. Together they squared off against Octavia Spencer and John Lithgow. Bryan was better than even he anticipated.

Jimmy Fallon Chooses Luke Bryan

Luke Bryan, Jimmy Fallon, Catchphrase
Luke Bryan (photo from CMT)

The beginning looked dark for Luke Bryan. John Lithgow and Octavia Spencer are both actors, after all. So playing a game that requires you to creatively describe phrases for your partner to guess is certainly in their wheelhouse. But Jimmy Fallon selected Bryan as his Catchphrase partner anyway. 

Even Bryan was aware of the challenge. “I appreciate you getting world-class actors in here to compete against [me],” he quipped. But being the trooper he is, he threw caution to the wind and went all in on the very first word. Luckily, his first clue was a perfect fit for him. Bryan belted out a high, sonorous note that quickly led Fallon to correctly yell, “Opera!” The two continued to easily get through the first rounds, which also included Bryan producing a perfect Scooby Doo impression.


Lithgow & Spencer Struggle to Find Their Catchphrase

Luke Bryan, Jimmy Fallon, Catchphrase
Luke Bryan releases Christmas song (photo from

Lithgow and Spencer had more of a struggle. At one point he drew the Catchphrase “Willie Nelson.” He struggled to describe Nelson to his teammate, who at one point thought he was signaling a mandolin. Bryan, of course, knew exactly whom he was referencing. He was doubled over in laughter watching Lithgow attempt to make this clear (finally, Spencer did come around). 

The game went at an intense pace. At one point, Luke Bryan commented that it was “stressful.” “No, it’s not,” replied Jimmy Fallon. “This is fun and relaxing.” Bryan also noted that he was able to attain some height when he mimed jumping rope and seemed a bit overly proud of that accomplishment.

All-in-all it was a hilarious event to watch. But that isn’t too surprising. Luke Bryan is always very funny. He consistently makes funny remarks during his live shows. To see which team ended up with the win, check out the video below. And then let us know Luke Bryan moment made you laugh the most.