A quick recap on Fear the Walking Dead episode 209: ‘Los Muertos’

The episode was primarily focused around the addict Nick, played by Frank Dillane and his time in Colonia. During one of the scenes, Nick found himself speaking with Alejandro. Alejandro is the leader of the small Mexican community with a fairly big part in the story if his claims are true. A talk between a new leader in the show and an existing character is common, but the conversation the had was not.

Alejandro began to Nick a very intense story about another addict he knew in the area. The addict was careless. The young addict was also nasty to Alejandro. The story sounds innocent enough at first, then things take a turn for the worse. Alejandro tells Nick, one day he stumbled upon the young addict being attacked by a small group of walkers. He soon found himself overwhelmed as well. Before Alejandro was able to escape with his life, he was bitten. Luciana finally saved him and pulled him to safety. The way Alejandro described it was as though Luciana was an angel reaching down from heaven to save him.

After the escape, Luciana took Alejandro home where they waited for him to turn. To both of their surprises, Alejandro never developed an infection. Nick listened to Alejandro for a while then said, “It never came?”

Alejandro simply replied, “No.”

If there really is an immunity to the virus on Fear the Walking Dead, it would also effect Rick and the crew on the original series. A major shift like this in the franchise could have detrimental effects on the series. The series could potential lose its edge since the fear of getting bitten and turning would be significantly reduced.

More About a Possible Immunity to the Virus on the Fear Walking Dead

Immunity to the Virus on the Fear Walking DeadMany fans speculate Alejandro and Luciana may have concocted the story to help give hope the community. The possibility of the story being a lie is still unconfirmed but would make a lot of sense. The creators of the show would have to be very bold to make the possibility of an immunity true. It would be a very risky move for the show considering 25% of the fans are fear based viewers. Adding the chance of immunity or a cure could cause a lot of viewers to lose interest.

For the time being the people of La Colonia have elevated Alejandro to a God-Like status. Is Luciana simply playing along with the story to give people something to look up to. It will be interesting to see how the storyline develops. The Next Episode of Fear the Walking Dead air Sunday at 9 PM ET on AMC. Chances are the question will not be answered on the net episode but I would tune in anyway. Leave your thoughts in the comments below then ‘LIKE’ and ‘SHARE’ the post.

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