Reba McEntire Is Going Back To Vegas To Join Brooks And Dunn In 2018


No dust is settling on Reba McEntire because the spunky redhead isn’t still long enough for that to happen. At 61, McEntire stays busier than scores of people half her age. In 2018 alone, she returns to Las Vegas to perform again with Kix Brooks and Ronnie Dunn, is in talks to bring Reba back, and is still celebrating her big album of 2017. That might be too much for some people to juggle, but it’s the only way Reba knows how to be. She just isn’t sure if it’s “stupid or fearless.”

Viva Las Vegas

Reba McEntire, Las Vegas
Reba McEntire (photo from Focus)

Reba, Brooks & Dunn: Together in Vegas returns in March for another year. The three again take residency at The Colosseum at Caesars Palace. The show started in 2015. With this year’s run, the show is the longest-running country show on the Las Vegas strip, and the longest at that particular venue. In an interview with The Boot, McEntire discussed how much she enjoys the Vegas shows. 

“I’m really excited to go back to Vegas,” McEntire said. “I love Ronnie and Kix with all my heart. We’re the dynamic trio, and we get out there and have fun and make fun of each other. I miss them when I’m not around them…just miss them.”

“I look forward to every night,” she continued. “You never know what they’re going to do. They’ll surprise me every once in a while, so I’m always on the lookout for that. It keeps me on my toes. They’re fun, they’re genuine, and I love them. They love me; we’re like family. And they’re very smart and intelligent, witty and very mischievous, so you’ve got to stay on your toes.”

Music and Television

Reba McEntire, Las Vegas
LAS VEGAS, NV – APRIL 02: Reba McEntire arrives at the 52nd Academy of Country Music Awards held at T-Mobile Arena on April 2, 2017 in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Photo by Michael Tran/FilmMagic)

In addition to her residency in Vegas, McEntire is still celebrating her 2017 faith-based album, Sing It Now: Songs of Faith & Hope. Last year McEntire won a Dove Award for that project. She’s also in talks to bring her television sitcom back, Reba. McEntire has said in several interviews that she’d like to return to television.

So with all this going on, it seems like McEntire’s schedule would be almost impossible to keep up with. But in the same interview with The Boot, she said she likes it that way.

Stupid or Fearless

Reba McEntire, Las Vegas
Reba McEntire, ca. 2015
courtesy BMLG FREE

“I just like to do things, I like to stay busy. I like to try new things,” McEntire said. “I guess I’m either stupid or fearless. I don’t know which — maybe both.

“When I was doing Annie Get Your Gun on Broadway, an interviewer said, ‘Aren’t you scared to death to walk out there, because you’ve never been in a play before?’ I’m like, ‘Crap, I never thought about that!’” McEntire recalled. “I just love to try new things. If I fail, I tried, but I just like to get out there and try it.”

McEntire willing to “get out there and try it” is a lot of the secret behind her success–and what her fans love about her. So we can’t wait to see what she tries next!