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What does every grandmother want more than anything else? At least next to grandbaby hugs? Grandkids’ pictures. But now everything is digital. Few people go to the store to have pictures printed. We just might regret that in a generation or two. However, it is a fact of life. 

Think, for just a minute, about the vast technology jump between the last three generations. My mother saw television come into her home as an adult. We witnessed the birth of the internet, cell phones, and computers that you can hold in your hand. When I was a little girl, talking on phones where you could see their face was only DisneyLand’s Tomorrow Land. 

If you want more of the grandkids’ pictures, you’re most likely going to have to either join Instagram, swipe them off Facebook, or learn to print them off your text messages. 

“Older adults may have more fears about technology. They fear clicking the wrong thing, deleting something vital and accidentally sharing private information. In contrast, most children aren’t afraid to play with technology. They learn by doing.
When we let fear keep us from learning one task, we are blocking our own progress. The more we use technology, the easier it gets, as certain patterns are repeated.

Sometimes it isn’t our fault. Some programs and apps are poorly designed or provide inadequate user support, especially in this era when everyone’s a programmer.”

Look at it this way, if my two year old grandchild can download her favorite movie, without her mom knowing it, this can’t be a hard thing to learn.

In fact, technology is designed to be intuitive. Which means that it is developed with you in mind. There is no reason to be apprehensive of technology. The fact is that becoming technically savvy will, more often than not, bring you closer to your grandkids.

Our grandchildren is the first generation to grow up smiling into a phone to have their picture taken. 

Don’t wait for your daughter to send you the grandkids’ pictures. Most of the pictures she takes are in her phone. There are free apps that you can get that will print off pictures right from your phone–and send them to your home. Some, in fact, like Freeprints, are actually free. They will charge you a small amount for shipping. However you can get a lot of pictures for well under ten dollars.

Becoming a techie grandma will have more benifets than just getting your grandkids’ pictures. There are several ways that you can talk in realtime face to face. 

It amazes me how many grandparents I’ve met who have a smartphone in their hand and yet they don’t take advantage of the technology to reach out to their grandchildren.

Don’t let that be you.


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