Being the best is never easy.

The Art of Plating The Art of Plating

Especially, when you’re in a cut-throat business. Not literally, of course. But the food industry is incredibly competitive, and restaurants are the major league of the food industry. There are million dollar wages, award shows and strict hierarchy in the chef world.

So, who are the top three chefs in the world right now? 

1. Wolfgang Puck

The Austrian-born chef is a true American cooking celebrity. He’s got hos own chains of restaurants, he’s featured in several TV shows and, obviously, has written a couple of books. Being famous for his unique mixture of California, French and fusion cuisine, he’s also quite a versatile actor. Tell me if Anthony Hopkins can boast such a range of talent, as Wolfgang Puck has appeared in CSI: Crime Scene Investigation and Keeping Up With The Kardashians and in the movie The Smurfs. In 2013 he was introduced to the Culinary Hall of Fame.

2. Marco Pierre White

Marco was named the godfather of modern cooking, the first celebrity chef and many other things. This chef is truly the pioneer of what is now a well-established position – a celebrity chef. Marco was the first British chef ever to be awarded the three Micheline stars, achieving this at the age of just 33. He was notoriously famous for his short temper and excellent cuisine that combined French, British and Italian styles. After retirement, Marco took offers to star in commercials of the ‘big food companies’, which he didn’t really mind. He’s starred in Hell’s Kitchen and Celebrity Big Brother and left an amazing legacy, as well as some very famous followers and apprentices. Speaking of which…

3. Gordon Ramsay

The ultimate cooking celebrity and TV personality. You probably know him best not from his cooking, but from his tendency to scream at aspiring chefs on TV. Well, as they say – a devoted student is worth a hundred teachers. The rebellious style of Gordon Ramsay has gained him popularity. In 2015 Gordon Ramsay was ranked as the 21st highest earning celebrity in the world. He has starred in an endless list of TV shows like Hell’s Kitchen, Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares, and Master Chef. Combining French, Italian and British cuisine, this hot-tempered Scot is the very embodiment of what a TV cooking celebrity is like.

As is often the case – the highest place in the pecking order is gained not merely by your skills. A TV personality definitely has to have an X factor to go with the cooking skills. Be it your character that people either love or hate, your ambitious business plans – being a great cook will not guarantee you getting to the top. 

It is true that the restaurant business has changed dramatically.

While 10-20 years ago the highlight of your career as a chef would be a Michelin star and a restaurant completely booked for months in advance, today it is a bit different. You’re a TV star, a pop culture idol, a writer and a chef rolled in one. That’s quite a lot of things to do. Hey, maybe that’s why Ramsay’s always so angry?

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