Meditation is a timeless activity. It’s not just a fad. Yet it is very intimidating to many people. Meditation has a very esoteric stigma about it, however, it is growing in popularity. Many people wish they could meditate, thinking it is reserved for spiritual monks in some far off land. They ask themselves, “Why is Meditation So Hard?” That question could not be further from the truth. Meditation is very simple, and really there is no right or wrong way to meditate.

You do not have to achieve some altered state of consciousness, although that does happen at times. Meditation is actually simple, and can be performed while doing just about anything.

Different Ways to Meditate

There are actually several ways to meditate. Of course there is the simple breathing meditation. Sitting comfortably, legs crossed while you are on the ground, or in a chair. Feet planted firmly on the ground and you simply let your thoughts you do what they will while you breathe deeply.

Science is also proving that meditation actually changes the physical matter of the brain. It creates new neural pathways and can be used to help with mental illnesses. Personally speaking, if it wasn’t for meditation, I never would have been able to stay clean off of heroin. 

One misconception about meditation is people think they have to stop their thoughts. Good luck doing that, it’s next too impossible to completely stop your thoughts. It’s how we are wired. There may be certain people, like monks who can subdue their thoughts for a period of time, but not forever. Enlightenment for example, has nothing to do with stopping thinking. As the Buddha puts it, it’s simply the end of suffering.

Does Meditation Help With Personal Development?

why is meditation so hardMeditation also shows you one very important aspect about yourself: you are not your thoughts. Through meditation, you can learn to be the watcher of your thoughts. You can observe them and let them come and go. The way it’s meant to be, holding on to anything is attachment and will cause suffering. That is as true for thoughts as it is for people, places and things.

A very effective way to learn meditation is through group meditation or guided meditation. Guided meditation is ideal for beginners. It’s often times easier to let someone else walk you through the process of meditating then to try to practice yourself. In the beginning, when first starting it works especially well with a guide. Or if you have a specific purpose you are attempting to achieve. Group and guided meditations are excellent for healing practices.

Final Tips on Meditation

Finally, the biggest tip I can give you is, there is no feeling your supposed to achieve when meditating. There is no right way or wrong way. I often meditate while walking, others while listening to music or even playing it. And some people meditate while cooking, drawing or doing the dishes.

Basically, meditation is a simple way to relax, to allow yourself to just be. In the present moment, where you’re at right now, you are your most powerful. Life can be extremely stressful if we allow it to be. Through meditation, you can learn how to let go of all that stress and just live. Meditation is a blessing. It has zero negative side-effects. If you haven’t started yet because you’ve been doubtful you can, now you know there is no failing when meditating. As I always say, the only bad meditation is the one that isn’t done. And even that can be argued.

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