If you consumed a lot of popsicles this summer, you might have a lot of materials for our crafts using popsicle sticks. But then again, even if you ate a lot of popsicles, you probably throw those sticks away right after eating.

Your best hope to do these easy popsicle stick crafts is to buy a bunch of popsicle sticks from your local craft, dollar or school supplies store. I recommend getting the uncolored sticks because it will be more versatile.

For these projects, you are only going to stack and glue the popsicle sticks together.

Popsicle Stick Boxes http://mykidcraft.com/popsicle-stick-trinket-box/

For this project, you will need a base. Its shape will depend on your preference. Use a base with even-numbered sides.

Make sure that the sides of the base have the same measurements as the popsicle sticks’ length.

When doing this, alternately stack the sticks on the odd and even-numbered sides. Stop doing this once you are satisfied with your box’s height.

These boxes can serve as organizers for your things, knitting and sewing kits, and goodies.

Wall Art http://makeanddocrew.com/diy-wall-art-popsicle-stick-hexagon-shelf-part-i/

To do this project, just follow the same procedure above. However, you may disregard the base.

If you will put a planter or picture frame on the wall art, make sure to attach the wall art to wall firmly. Use industrial-strength glue when stacking the popsicle sticks also.

You can make it as big as you want or depending on the free space on your wall.

Hanging Planter Holders http://www.omaha.com/inspiredliving/terracotta-has-alotta-versatility/article_d885e61e-1e91-11e6-8133-5fac856c7fde.html

This crafts using popsicle sticks can be done by stacking the sticks that will fit the size of the planter you want to hang.

Make sure that the wider part of the planter will not fit through this holder to avoid it from falling and breaking.

Tie string or small ropes on the parts where you joined the popsicle stick for added grip. This string will also be used to hang your planter.

Like the wall art, use industrial strength glue. Make sure also that your planter can be supported by the holder you made.

Mini Pallet Coasters https://www.aftcra.com/LomaxAndCo/listing/37423/mini-pallet-coasters-red-oak

Stack and glue the popsicle sticks like wooden panels to make a miniature crate.

Since these crafts using popsicle sticks have the possibility to get wet a lot of time, make sure to use a waterproof adhesive.

Do not forget to apply lacquer or another coating to preserve the popsicle sticks, also.

This crafts using popsicle sticks can also be used as a base for your narrow-bottomed vases and candleholders.

Lamps http://www.instructables.com/id/Spiral-Lamp/

All you need is a working light bulb circuit and a lot of popsicle sticks.

Shape your lamp however you want them. Some people make square shapes using four pieces of popsicle sticks first. They then stack them while altering the position of the squares, thereby making a spiral look.

Other people prefer to make these by gluing the sticks closer or farther from one another with every level. This is to achieve a lampshade or glass-shape.

Those are just some of the crafts using popsicle sticks you can make. Next time you’re going to have a popsicle, make sure to save the sticks for your future craft projects.

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