Grandmothers are not the only ones who love to have precious moments with their grandkids; grandfathers do too. They may not hug and kiss you often like grandmas do, but they have their little ways of bonding with you. There is nothing quite like a grandpa. From the chitchats during morning coffee to advice on relationships, grandpas are always going to back you up when dad is not around.

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With today’s generation, technology advancements and all, it wouldn’t hurt to take a step back and consider some aspects and lessons that we can learn from earlier generations. In doing so, you might want to take that step back with grandpa. They have a lot of things to teach you and let me tell you; they are cooler than you know. The following are some of the things that only your grandpa can do better. And you’ll want to learn these if you want to be as cool as your grandpa.

Save your money

Your grandfather may not have been wealthy, but at least he wasn’t buried in loans, and he does not depend on high-interest credit cards. He knows the real value of money and he knows how to earn it. With all the luxuries that money can buy, you can learn from your grandfather that material things don’t last long. But your savings will surely provide security for you in the future and for your future family. Grandparents understand that a financial transaction is more than just a purchase.

Family is who loves you

Grandpas show us the true value of family. They act as a strong glue and keep families together because for them family is life. They are the ones who teach us to grow and learn from our mistakes. Grandfathers are compassionate, always worried about their kids though they may not show it. Grandfathers are considered as the best men in the world for they know the true meaning of family.

You need to have style

Grandpas are the best dressers. When there is a need to dress up (boys take note), you should look up to your grandfathers. They have the swag and the style, combined. Let’s be honest, nobody can pull off a suit and a tie with a matching fedora hat, a polished pair of shoes, and a quality watch (they never check time using their phones) more than your grandpa. No, nobody does it better. And, take note, they always carry a handkerchief in their pocket because they are the true definition of a gentleman. So if you want to have a perfect sense of style, your grandfather is just there waiting for you to ask outfit advice.

Grandfathers are genuine. They have their own way of imparting knowledge and skills to other people. Grandfathers are there to remind us how many ways there are to help others. They instill something in the family that you can never learn from school. They have the biggest heart which can hold all the love for every member of the family. Grandfathers can be masters of decency and respect.

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