Self-Control is something most of us wish we had more of. Most people who are asked believe they don’t have the best self-control. Mindfulness and meditation are two practices you can use to create better self-control. By following the next simple steps, you’ll find that self-control is something anyone can achieve. And remember, there is no perfect person, so be gentle on yourself.

Practice Meditation Daily

Practicing meditation on a daily basis is one of the most effective ways to start improving on self-control. The mind tends to overtake us from time to time and create behaviors that become automatic. When you start to meditate on a daily basis, you start to silence the mind. And when you start to silence the mind, your behaviors become less programed and compulsive.

Eat Healthy Food Regularly

Healthy food is a great way to improve self-control. Cognitive functions work better when healthy food is consumed a majority of the time. Also, your body naturally operates when you feed it with the right energy. It’s important to remember, your brain needs healthy nutrients and nutrition to function properly. Plus, how you do anything tends to be how you do everything. So, if you strengthen your resolve to eat healthier, you will naturally start to act healthier in all areas of your life.

Exercise Everyday

The Fundamentals of Self ControlExercise improves every area of your life. It also helps to reduce anxiety. And anxiety is linked to compulsive behavior. If you think about it, compulsive behaviors typically happen when the mind is trying to achieve a better state. Because if you felt just as good while performing the behavior as you did when you weren’t, you most likely wouldn’t perform it. When you exercise you release endorphins and naturally start to feel better.

Get More Sleep

Sleep is one of the most important activities to self-control and wellbeing. Will power naturally starts to deplete throughout the day and without sleep, it never has a chance to replenish itself. Getting adequate sleep also helps your brain and your body recharge. You need sleep to replenish the vital energy necessary to do the things you love.

Let the Desire Flow

When you begin to have cravings, understand they will pass. Instead of giving into them, breathe deeply and say to yourself, “this too shall pass.” If you wait long enough, your desire to perform the activity will pass. And lastly, if you can find a healthier habit to replace the less useful one, then it will be even easier to discharge the cravings.

Let Go of The Past

Finally, forgive yourself. When you lose self-control and perform an action you don’t like, remember you are human. Instead of beating yourself up, be gentle and forgive yourself. Because in truth, what you resist, persists. So instead of focusing on the problem, forgive yourself and let go. Then you can focus on the solution.

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