Mindfulness is just as important as meditation. The beauty of mindfulness is you can practice it anywhere at any time. And mindfulness just takes a little bit of practice. Here are ten tips on Mindfulness to help you achieve a more balanced state.

Get in the Habit of Living in the Present Moment

Remember, mindfulness is all about awareness. Living in the present moment is the best way to stay mindful of your actions. Be where you are; let go of worries and doubt.  Live fully in the present moment and be aware of your surroundings. Present moment awareness is a habit that must be developed. Once you achieve a more present state, it’s easier to be mindful of your actions.

Use Warm Up Sessions to Get Comfortable

Practice yoga and stretching to get your body more limber. Flexibility equates to freedom and freedom is a big part of mindfulness. Mindfulness is freedom from the self, and the ability to take your own actions without compulsive habits and addictions playing a role in the picture.

Be Mindful of Your Body

Keeping an awareness of your body is vital to happiness. Your body is alive, it’s always active and working hard to keep you alive. Remember that you are a soul with a body and not the other way around. The more focused you are on the internal workings of your body, the more mindful you will be of what you put into it. You’ll begin to notice how certain food make you feel. And you’ll likely start staying away from the unhealthy ones that harm you.

Focus on the Correct Posture

Walk tall and keep your eyes forward. When you are mindful of your body and posture, you will notice a drastic change in how you feel. With a tall and correct posture, comes more confidence and more belief in yourself.

Remember to Smile

Smiling release chemicals in the brain that make you feel good. So be mindful of practicing smiling daily. I like to smile while I meditate. Not a big goofy smile, but a very subtle and small grin. Over time, smiling daily will help you achieve more overall joy in your life.

Relish in the Experience

Ten Tips on MindfulnessYour life is your experience. Be mindful that you choose where you are at. When you take responsibility for your life, you will feel more empowered about who you are. Embrace each breath, get in the habit of expanding your chest and allowing the present moment to flood you with life. Get lost in your experience, be mindful of how much is going on around you at all times. It’s a very powerful concept.

Soak Your Feet Prior to Sleep

Take care of your feet. Your feet have direct connections to each organ in your body. And soaking your feet helps you relax, plus releases toxins from your body. Remember, your feet connect you to mother earth and ground you. Take care of them and appreciate them for what they do.

Focus On Breathing

Whenever possible, focus on your breathing. Remember that breathing returns you to source. It returns you to the present moment. It is your lifeblood above all else. You can only go a few minutes without breathing. So try to spend at least a few minutes each day, focusing on your breathing.

Let Go of Expectations

Expectations lead to suffering. Letting go of expectations helps free you. You’ll find out how quickly you come to rely on your expectations for happiness. Instead of focusing on your expectations, focus on letting them go and being OK no matter what. You’ll find that even if your goals do not go as planned, you’ll still manage to be just fine.

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