Now that you know how to make and glaze paper beads, it’s time to  put them to good use by turning them into DIY paper beads accessories.

DIY Paper Beads are perfect for fundraisers and bazaars, as well as gifts for friends and family. All you need are patience, creativity, and the right tools.

The inspirations below contain tutorials on how to make paper beads accessories. They are a good starting point if you really want to venture in DIY paper beads accessories.

After mastering various techniques, styles, and kinds of accessories, you can innovate and make your own unique designs. You can also pattern your outputs from accessories made from precious stones or those sold by jewelers.

This can be done easily because of the paper beads’ versatility. They can be made into many different shapes, and could just be painted to imitate the look of different materials.

DIY Paper Beads Accessories: Bracelets

Simple bracelets are the easiest to make paper beads accessories. Just string your paper beads like you would normally do with those charm bracelets and you are done.

You can use any kind of string you like for this: choose from an ordinary yarn, nylon cord, stretchable string, etc.

If you want a layered bracelet look, you could connect three to five single bracelets.Wrap bracelets are also cool these days. If you want this, just use a piece of wire to string the beads and shape it around your wrists.

Wrap bracelets are also cool these days. If you want this, just use a piece of memory wire to string the beads and shape it around your wrists.

A detailed tutorial in making paper beads bracelet can be found here.

DIY Paper Beads Accessories: Cuffs

Cuffs are also in, and would complement simple and formal outfits.

Making paper bead cuffs is very simple. Just bend two pieces of wire so that they can fit around your wrist. Next, cut some more wires into equal pieces and string them with beads.

After this, attach each end of the short wires to one of the curved wires. Do this until you cover the whole cuff with the strung beads. Make sure to lock the ends of the curved wires by twisting them with pliers.

Alternatively, you could make the process more easy by using safety pins to string the beads instead of the pieces of shorter wire.

You could string one cylindrical paper beads or several pieces the regular small oblong beads on each wire.

Learn how to do paper bead cuffs here.

DIY Paper Beads Accessories: Rings

Button shaped and spherical shaped beads are perfect for making twisted wire rings.

If you are an avid wire twisting crafter, this will be easy for you. Just prepare your copper wire, paper beads, and pliers.

If you are new to this wire twisting thingy, you could read a tutorial here. Just be sure to be more delicate when working with paper beads.

DIY Paper Beads Accessories: Necklaces–craft-11467

Necklaces are pretty straightforward.

If you want a Bohemian-inspired bead necklace, just string the beads on any kind of string. You need to remember that using a metal or wooden pendant, or using some real beads is recommended so that they will have the heft of non-paper bead accessories.

They can also be used as cute pendants for simple chain necklaces. Just think of the pattern you want for your pendant, and arrange as you would do with regular beads.

The same as Boho necklaces, incorporate something a bit heavy so that it would feel like you are wearing a regular necklace when wearing them.

Read the instructions for the necklace pictured above here.

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