Killing Pull ups can be Dangerous if this is not for you – check Gym Membership Provision on One on One Coaching


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Are you envious of peers easily doing the pull ups as you watch? Sure you can do it too but in time. Make sure to know some safety guidelines using your gym membership to at least start properly with a coach or personal trainer.


Pull ups have many variations. The commonly called “chin-up” is when a close grip with palms facing you is positioned on the bars. Whereas wide-grip pull up is basically performed with palms facing farther away.


Baseline is the distance between your hands when they are hanging comfortably by your sides or a “standard grip width.” Inside of the comfortable distance is referred to as narrow grip and anything outside of that is wide grip. A wide-grip pull-up naturally means hands slightly outside of the standard grip width with palms facing away.

Trying out the Wide Grip Pull up

1. Start the movement by drawing your shoulder blades together. This is also known as scapular retraction.

Note that:

  • movement involves your back muscles or “lats”
  • each lats launches the lifts
  • tension remains on the back all throughout the movement

2. Draw your body upwards by flexing the elbow joint or bending the arms.

Be aware to:

  • call into play the biceps as you flex elbow joints
  • know that biceps are a critical link in the pull up for support

3. Grasp the bar requiring your strong forearm muscles.

Realize that:

  • as you lower yourself, your triceps and shoulders come into play
  • they are exerting force against the pull of gravity to control your descent.

At this point, one push up is complete!

Safety Precaution: Do not do the pull up if you’re not strong enough!

Here’s what you can do first:

  • Lower Trap RDLs using two dumbbells while standing with feet at 10–15 degree angle, your weight on your heels and knees slightly bent.
  • Downward Dog Push-Up performed while in a push-up position by lifting hips toward the ceiling to form an upside down V shape
  • Scapular Stabilization Push-ups are facilitated by placing dumbbells on floor, about three inches outside shoulders, turned outward at 45-degree angles. Start in a raised position, abs and glutes engaged, back flat, and head at a neutral position.
  • Serratus Anterior Stabilization Push-ups are done by placing dumbbells on floor – about three inches outside shoulders, perpendicular to the body. Start in a raised position and do the punch as usual.

If you can’t put your heart into doing the pull ups, it is much safer to inquire on the following using your gym membership privilege as you can to the advance stage of your training:

  • Kettlebell Bottom-Up Press
  • Inverted Rows
  • Stability Ball Roll-Outs
  • Empty Bar 100’s

If doing the pull ups is the way to go for you, no matter what – get on with it preferably assisted by a one on one coach or personal trainer.

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