American Experts Believe North Korea Close To Nuke Capabilities

An American expert on Kim Jong-Un’s military believes that the totalitarian nation is only one step away from developing a warhead capable of handling the heat needed to re-enter the earth’s atmosphere.

Expert Jeffrey Lewis said, “North Korea almost certainly has a compact fission warhead capable of fitting on a future ICBM. The major question now is not whether the warhead is small enough to mount on an ICBM but whether it is rugged enough to survive the shock, vibration and extreme temperatures that a nuclear warhead would experience on an intercontinental trajectory.”

Four New Weapons Have Been Tested By Kim 

Kim Jong-Un | Photo Credit Getty

The Sun reports:

“Four new weapons systems have been tested lately, including new super-accurate short-range ballistic missiles. Its new intermediate-range ballistic missile are said to be able to hit US bases in Guam and NK has also tested new anti-ship cruise missiles. “

“And Mr. Lewis fears the rogue state could soon be “knocking on the door” of the US with new super-powered ICBMs – despite some claiming Kim’s missile program is overrated.”

North Korea Rejects All United Nations Sanctions

United Nations | Photo Credit WikiPedia

Lewis also said:

“Similar doubts were expressed about China’s nuclear warheads in the 1960s, prompting China’s leaders to arm a missile with a live nuclear weapon and launch it across the country to dispel any lingering doubts. Fortunately, North Korea has not chosen to take such a step.”

Last week, North Korea said they fully reject the recent United Nation sanctions against their citizens so they will continue to develop nuclear weapons. A spokesman for the North Koreans said these UN sanctions are “a craft hostile act with the purpose of putting a curb on the DPRK’s buildup of nuclear forces…”

North Korea has essentially rejected all UN Security Council resolutions for the past decade when they conducted their first nuclear test back in 2006. North Korea claims all of their efforts are geared towards self-defense.

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