Where To Learn Homesteading Skills: Homesteading Basics


Hi, this is Marjory Wildcraft. And on this edition of Homesteading Basics, I’m going to talk about which skills you need to be a modern homesteader and where you can acquire them.

I had my son using the lawn mower the other day. He ran out of gas, and then he left the mower out in the middle of the south pasture with the key turned on. Of course, the battery died—and then my son left on a trip. So, I bought the battery in and filled up the tank. Which brings up a good question: What kinds of skills do you need if you’re going to be a modern-day homesteader?

Here’s my quick answer. It’s really good to have some basic electrical skills. You know, the black wire, the red wire, and they connect—that kind of thing.

Basic carpentry and plumbing skills come in really handy. So do skills in animal husbandry and gardening, which is what we talk about a lot here at The Grow Network.

Now, these skills take a while to acquire if you don’t already have them.

One of the best places to really accelerate your skill level is a Mother Earth News Fair. Seriously. They’re starting to ramp them up and have them all over the United States. There are typically 150 different workshops in a two- or three-day period, and they cover tons of topics, including basic skills like these.

Other subjects include things like home medicine, growing food, composting, and distilling your own whiskey. I’m planning to get to that one! Actually, I’m going to be attending a lot of them in 2017, and probably in 2018, too. I hope I see you there.

Let’s improve our skills together. Meanwhile, we’re definitely cutting out our son’s allowance.

This is Marjory Wildcraft, and I’ll catch up with you on the next Homesteading Basics.