How Your Yoga Practice Can Keep Your Joints Healthy


You may not have given much thought to the health of your joints unless you have experienced the pain and frustration associated with reduced flexibility. Joint health is important and it takes very little to impact the body’s biomechanics. Fortunately, regular yoga practice can help.

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What Is a Joint?

It is important to understand how joints work as this can improve your yoga practice as you work with your body rather than forcing it to extend too much. A joint is known as an articulation and this simply means where two bones meet. Each joint is specialized and relative to the parts it connects. Joints may be classified in respect of the movement they enable or be classified based on the material present within the joint. There are different types of synovial joints and these include:

  • Ball and socket
  • Gliding joints
  • Hinge joints
  • Saddle joints  

Joints are categorized as being movable, freely movable, or immovable. They are made up of two or more bones, alongside ligaments which attach the bones across the joint and tendons which connects muscle to the bones. Then you have cartilage to provide a cushioning effect and synovial fluid for lubrication. If you’ve ever experienced a grating sensation within a joint, this is where the bone is grating on bone and it’s an unpleasant feeling.  

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