New Study Shows Meditation and Yoga Reduce Health Care By 43%

Studies show meditation can reduce healthcare services by nearly 50%.  The studies were performed by the Massachusetts General Hospital Institute for Technology that is associated with Harvard. The Benson Henry Institute reveals that creating a deep state of physiological rest helps to alleviate stress and anxiety. It is also proven to have a positive effect on heart rate and blood pressure.

The study’s most important finding was how beneficial teaching patients how to enter deep states of relaxation is. Those taught by the Benson Henry Institute were specifically on spot when it came to reducing stress.

The programs promote general wellbeing in patients. Teaching patients how to relax, reduce stress and end anxiety could be a very important component to ease the strain on health delivery systems. The benefits would come at no added at a minimal price with zero risk.

Other studies were performed as well and are available on Research Patient Date Registry. The research showed, patients who participated in BHI Relaxation Response Resiliency Program – and had practiced yoga/meditation/prayer were significantly healthier. The practitioners spent far less on medical services then those who didn’t practice.

What is the Importance of Meditation

Along with lower medical spending, practitioners also benefitted from neurological, musculoskeletal and gastrointestinal ailments. This isn’t the first time health improvements have been show by meditation. Cultures all over the world have understood the importance of meditation and relaxation for years.

Spiritual leaders like Eckhart Tolle and Deepak Chopra constantly remind us that meditation is the way to reconnect with source. Meditation creates a natural state of balance and harmony between mind, body and soul. When we lose ourselves in the busyness of the world life gets stressful. We may learn beliefs that we don’t have enough time or enough power to live our best lives.

What Really Causes Disease and Cancer?

Then stress sets in and manifest in illnesses like hear attacks, strokes and cancer. The very nature of the word disease, in itself, gives away the secrets. Dis-ease, or to have an uneasiness in the body. When the body is uneasy there is room for foreign pathogens to move in. And even cancer is not something that comes from outside the body. Cancer happens when cells become chaotic and replicate at their own rate. When cells begin to replicate at a rate with disregard to the entire organism, cancer sets in.

Meditation is a way to cause ease in the body. Meditation not only relaxes the mind but also relaxes the cardiovascular system. When oxygen can flow freely though the body, the body receives more of the vital life force needed to stay in a harmonious state.

So meditation not only has instant health benefits like providing energy to the body, it also has long term health effects like ailing in the healing of disease. Meditation has zero side effects and more health benefits then most drugs people take to heal.

The study the medical institutes mentioned in this article support meditation from a financial standpoint. They also show how relaxation and deep breathing will help to eliminate stress and anxiety. And stress and anxiety are two harmful symptoms many Americans suffer from.

Maybe it’s time to start teaching more people about meditation so we can help people without the use of harmful drugs and chemicals.

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