Get Ready To Massively Improve Your Life With Yoga Nidra


Are you fed up with battling against the odds? Do you long for a little peace in life? Fortunately, there is a way. You may have heard of yoga nidra. It is a fantastic way of winding down, improving your sleep patterns and health in many ways. Here’s what you have to do to get started.

yoga nidra

What Is Yoga Nidra?

Yoga nidra is a powerful natural stress reliever. Many people use it to help them fall asleep but the correct way of utilizing the benefits of yoga nidra is to improve the techniques of relaxation. It helps you to embrace stillness and to engage deep feelings of relaxation throughout your whole body. When practiced correctly, you remain awake. Think of it as being a self-aware sleep.

The aim is to completely relax the physical body but to keep the mind alert. As you practice yoga nidra, you embrace the concept of your brain being guided into the space between being asleep or awake. Research into brainwave activity shows that there are higher alpha and theta brainwaves in those who practice this form of yoga. You enter the realm of your body becoming heavier and muscles fully relaxing but still being aware of what is happening. In many ways, it is similar to that state prior to falling asleep.

It’s a wonderful state of being. Complete relaxation is achieved at the end of the yoga session as you practice the corpse pose, (savasana). At this time, you embrace relaxation along with stillness. When you utilize this fully, you begin to calm the nervous system.

A Yoga Nidra Session

You practice yoga nidra lying down. The idea is you find a comfortable space, whether on the bed or on the floor, and when you lie down, you cover yourself in clothes and blankets to retain body warmth. Then, when ready, you fully open yourself to relaxation techniques. As you slip into a deeper state of relaxation, you will improve health and well-being. It is probably the most peaceful you will ever feel while remaining awake.

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