How To Prepare For Teaching Your First Yoga Class


You may have prepared extensively for your first yoga class but teaching yoga is far more than simply knowing the postures. It’s more about taking an adaptive and instinctive approach to your students so to provide the best yoga session for them.

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Assessing Your Students

If you are new to teaching yoga, there will be a whole lot of nerves when you first start teaching your yoga class. It’s very different being at the front of the class and having the responsibility of all your students rather than focusing just on your own practice. In addition to having experience practicing yoga, you also need to understand each posture fully and be able to translate this information to your students.

It is important that they gain the best from each session.  You may still have to learn how to connect with and to assess your students initially, but this is something that is really important. You have to use this knowledge and be able to adapt postures as necessary prior to the yoga class starting.  

Yoga Class and Introductions

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Introduce yourself to your students and clarify the aim of the session. Ask your students questions about their experiences within yoga so that you know how to guide them during the practice session.  

Questions should include:

  • “Have you ever practiced yoga before? If you have, for how long and what was the style?”
  • “Are there any injuries that I need to be made aware of?”
  • “If there are, what was the extent of the injury?”
  • “Have you had surgery? When was it? How do you feel at this point?”
  • “Is anyone pregnant or has had a baby recently?”
  • “What is your work-life like? Is it stressful?”
  • “Do you exercise currently?”

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