How To Make Your Body And Mind Grateful To You


How supple are you? Can you bend forward and touch your toes? Can you sit comfortably in the yoga lotus pose? The healing power of yoga is far-reaching and it has nothing to do with tying your body in knots or going for the burn, best of all, your mind and body will thank you.

healing power

The Downside of the Western World

Within the Western world, we often lack flexibility, core strength, and good posture. We are so busy with highly-pressured jobs and trying to combat stress, that we have overlooked the importance of health and well-being. Many have lost their connection with the natural and holistic way of life and yet, holistic health is important. Yoga provides a pure, energy, and healing power to improve mind, body, and spirit. When you practice regularly and commit to yoga, you start to gain true equilibrium in life. Importantly, your body will love your yoga session and even the tightest of hamstrings and the most inflexible of spines will yield to this nurturing practice.

Banish Aches and Pains

It is time to do a health check. Consider how many little niggling health problems you may have and whether these may or may not impact your life on a daily basis. Perhaps you have sustained injuries in the past? Perhaps you are suffering from joint problems? Posture is important too. For many people, poor posture will lead to pain in the neck, shoulders, and back. With yoga, you can improve how you sit, how you stand, and how you move and there will be no restrictions on movement. In fact, you’ll move with greater grace.

healing power

The Healing Power of Yoga for Bad Backs

Approximately 8 out of 10 Americans will experience the pain of a bad back at some point in their lives. This may be to do with poor posture, weakened core muscles, or through injury. Either way, a bad back can limit life on a considerable scale. It may also make you have to take time off work and need medical treatment. Prevention is best. It is seriously important to keep the spine supple. Yoga supports back health because it is easy to work on forward and backward bends as well as improving muscle strength. Flexibility improves and side twists will also help to make your body stronger.

Yoga is ideal for treating neck and back pain, although it makes sense to have a medical diagnosis if the pain is ongoing. Health will improve dramatically and any neck and back pain will gradually ease in only a matter of weeks providing yoga is practiced regularly. This means you can achieve greater flexibility, endurance, and strength too. Even if you are not the slightest bit flexible, yoga can still help. Importantly, it is not necessary to bend into the most extreme postures so to gain the benefits. All postures are modifiable. There are, of course, some health conditions which will be unsuitable for the practice of yoga. In the main, most back problems can be improved. Embark upon a gentle but regular practice taking into account the areas of the body that are being worked on as you enter into the postures.

 The Healing Power of Yoga for Your Immune System

Your immune system is under attack constantly. Think how bad your health might be if your immune system stopped working properly. Yoga helps to boost the function of the immune system and it also helps to alleviate tension and stress while strengthening the body. It also boosts lymph gland function too and this is an important part of health.  Yoga works on four important physiological systems directly connected to immune function including the endocrine, nervous, circulatory, and digestive systems. When you utilize postures that impact one of these systems, you are working on your immune system function. You will offset many nagging health issues by keeping your immune system strong.

healing power

The Healing Power of Yoga Against Joint Issues

While many practice yoga because it helps to keep the body toned and supple, regular practice helps to improve the health of the joints. Many people suffer from arthritic conditions which can have a negative impact on health and life generally. There are many different types of arthritis but this should be avoided where possible.

Many of yoga’s postures will help to prevent the body from this degenerative disease because weight-bearing postures can help to improve bone health and ward off ‘wear and tear’ style arthritic conditions such as osteoporosis. But yoga also improves the health of the joints as well, keeping them flexible and improving cartilage health.

healing power

The Healing Power of Yoga Against Stress

Yoga works with the mind and body and can counteract the negative aspects of stress. Although many people focus purely on the physical benefits of yoga, by default, there is a greater clarity of thinking, a clearness of mind and an ability to step back from any stressful situation. There’s also time spent on the mat which acts as a buffer against external distractions or stressors. Anyone, no matter their health, their suppleness or fitness levels can embrace yoga and make it work for them.

The Healing Power of Yoga Against Emotional Pain

Yoga affords balance in life. It also enables a deep nurturing mind and body connection which helps to offset negative thoughts, feelings, or emotions. When your feelings are negative, this emotion is experienced deep within the body. As a result, negative feelings are damaging. They affect the balance of your hormones and impact your nervous system too. When you practice yoga, you start to release any emotional angst even those that are deeply stored within.

Once you step onto the yoga mat, it’s possible to let go of everything else, you focus only on your feelings, your breath, and your physical body. You let go of external distractions, you let go of inner anxieties or thoughts. You release any constriction that may exist and focus only on ‘being’. The healing power of yoga is strong and will infiltrate every aspect of life and importantly, your mind, and body will say a big thank you.