5 Steps To Build A Successful Yoga Career From Scratch


You’ve made it. Your certificate for teaching yoga is firmly grasped in your hand and you are ready to carve out a successful yoga career. But how do you build the business from the foundations upwards? How do you take your new career to the next level?

the business

Build the Brand

When you start building your yoga empire, you must think about the nuts and bolts that build the foundations of your business. It may not be easy to think of your yoga practice in this way but it’s important. You must start considering your brand. You know you love yoga and you want to reach other yoga enthusiasts or those beginners who could benefit from the yoga lifestyle, but, where do you start? What style of yoga are you teaching? What’s your angle? Your expertise? To build the business, you must think about what you are trying to achieve. You need a name for the business too. Something that rolls off the tongue but also one that people remember.

Sell Yourself

This is the hard bit. It’s all very well having a natural enthusiasm for yoga but you may feel uncomfortable selling yourself and setting up yoga classes and dealing with all aspects of the business. Sure, it’s not easy, but if you want to live the dream and to teach yoga, these are the essentials.

Create a Website

All businesses these days should have a website. You need to put the details of your yoga classes and schedule times. You need contact details, how to pay, and an email address for any questions that might be asked. A website does not have to be ultra-glossy.

Start Small

Depending on where you live, you may have numerous studios nearby all with existing and popular yoga classes. If you are offering something new to the area, then, it may be possible to set up the odd class or two within these studios. If not, you will need to start small and to find a room to hire but you may need to consider hiring or finding yoga mats in case some people arrive without theirs. You also have to consider insurance in case of injuries. This is vital. Don’t start teaching without this.

the business

Marketing the Business

Consider what your budget is for marketing.  How will people find you? Will you advertise in the local paper? Will you set up a Facebook page for yoga fans in your area? You can contact companies such as Groupon to offer class deals and you can provide special offers in your newsletter if you decide to go that route. You may find the traditional methods of advertising also work well (that of having flyers printed and distributed). This way you can reach lots of people locally. 


To build the business and to achieve your dream of teaching, the most important element is making sure you remain fit and healthy. Starting any new career brings its own set of stresses, so plan meticulously. Keep your own yoga practice current and meditate to keep stress at bay. Keep the business striving forward. It takes time to get your business off the ground but, remember, create solid foundations. Look after yourself and in time, your business will grow the right way.