There is an enormous amount of division in the country right now which, has grown with Trump’s historical victory. The real question is, “Who is responsible for this great divide and why?”

The answer is short but not at all simple. The “who” is the DNC. The “why” is a bit more complicated.

Barack Obama’s Fast and Furious Efforts to Transform America 

History has been erased and traditional values have been replaced with socialist ideals. Under the guise of progress, liberals have slowly been eroding America’s identity. Apparently, the election of Donald Trump has made them step-up their game.

In America’s rural cities, the sense of relief is pervasive — but in urban cities, the message is all about hate. And the Marxist ideologies of the Democratic party, are driving the message. Violence and protests are replacing peace and cooperation. Hillary supporters have been hurling insults about racism and sexism. Platitudes that are void of logic and morality. Their empty notions of love and acceptance are lost in the fog of the war they created.

DNC’s Celebration: Vile, Divisive, and Unpatriotic Rhetoric Splitting America 

Anti-Trump protesters in New York City.Anti-Trump protesters in New York City.

They know that divided we will fall, and they have gone to great lengths to ensure their goal is achieved. By leading people to believe these protests are spontaneous reactions to Trump’s win, they gain sympathy.

But it is not spontaneous when you plan the protests and pay the protesters!

This is inciting a riot and deliberately creating civil unrest. It is not a Constitutional right; it is a federal crime. Democrats should know this. Rest assured, their intent has been to create a generation of victims who need “big government” to save them. They think they know better than you, what you need to be happy. It’s all about control.

When Did the Tide Turn?

When did not liking a political candidate turn into hate for America? When did violence and hate-speech become acceptable forms of protest? It happened the moment the DNC rose to power and began indoctrinating the people. It happened, when being American became socially unacceptable.

Liberal progressives have pulled out all the stops in their quest to become the supreme authority. Hard work and innovation have given way to entitlement and stagnation. By encouraging rebellious reaction rather than civil action, they are severing the ties that bind us together. The uncivilized society they have created overshadows our humanity.

The DNC’s plan is one of mass disruption and chaos. This distraction allows them to come, like a thief in the night, and destroy all that America stands for. However, the election of Donald Trump is proof that Americans are on to their elaborate scheme. It is also evidence that they have had enough of the DNC.

German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche once said, “In individuals, insanity is rare; but in groups, parties, nations and epochs, it is the rule.”. Hillary supporters are proving him right.


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