How Breathing Can Help You Find Peace of Mind


Even though it is an essential component of life, we don’t connect to our breath unless we are struggling to breathe. When we are stressed or worried, we instinctively utilize our breath but how much better would it be if we could breathe consciously?


Breathe and Relax

There are so many breathing techniques available and they all have incredible benefits. It seems like a shame to not make full use of them. Not only do they improve the health of your lungs but they also have a huge positive impact on the nervous system. When you breathe with intent, this has a direct correlation to the stress response. It combats rising cortisone levels and helps to offset jangling nerves.

If you’ve ever had to face a difficult situation- whether at home or work, you will remember the build-up to that moment and those rising pressure levels, this would be the perfect time to breathe deeply and slowly and gain renewed mental clarity. When you make this a conscious habit, you will reap the benefits of these techniques and it will pay dividends as it quells anxiety and panic and enable you to cope with any situation.

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