Using Mindfulness to Bring You Back to the Present


Stress can be as hard to deal with as the day is long. Luckily, through the practice of simple mindfulness practices, you can alleviate stress. Mindfulness practices help reduce anxiety, relax the body and help creativity flow. Mindfulness is the art of being focused in the present moment. You’re at your strongest when you’re focused in the present moment. The present moment is where your life unfolds. If you aren’t familiar with present moment awareness, I suggest reading The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle. The books entire premise is learning to accept the present moment.

Guided Mindfulness Meditation

For now, I’ll walk you through a simple mindfulness experience that will allow you to achieve present levels awareness. Even as you sit there reading this article you can begin to focus on your breathing. Breathing is the essence of life. It returns you to the source. First, focus on your breath as it goes in through your nose and goes to your lungs. Then notice as you breathe out through your mouth. Remember to return to your breathing if your mind starts to wonder. Next, notice your feet on the ground and allow your awareness to travel up around your legs and around your abdomen.

Notice as your awareness swirls up and feel your heart beating in your chest. And shift your focus to the aliveness of your body. Your body is always alive and focusing on your bodies aliveness can help you remain present. From this point, begin to notice your awareness travel up around your shoulders, down your arms until you can feel the tips of your fingers. Then bring it back up your arms until it’s around your neck and throat and finally up around your head and your awareness has now traveled around your entire body.

Become very aware of the space your body takes up now, and the space around you. Bring your attention to the sounds in the area you’re in and allow your awareness to expand out to discover how far you can hear. And remember to focus on your breathing. Continue focusing on your breathing, deep breaths down to your abdomen though your nose and out your mouth. Allow yourself to remain the present moment, focusing on your breathing. Also, noticing the space your body takes up and how alive your body is at all times. Continue this process for 3-5 minutes and you will have completed a simple mindfulness practice. This practice will ground you in the present moment where you are at your most powerful.

Why Is It Important to Stay Focused in the Present Moment?

Using Mindfulness to Bring You Back the PresentWhen you stay focused in present moment, fear cannot exist. All your fears rest in an imagined future scenario gone wrong. Fear is a mental phantom. It holds no power unless you give it power. And the fastest way to release yourself from anxiety and fear is to perform a simple mindfulness practice like this a few times a day. Just 3-5 minutes a session is all that is needed to change your life forever. In time, you can practice longer sessions of 15-20 minutes.

Being mindful of the present moment awareness is essential to becoming your most powerful self. There is no escaping the stress of daily life, no matter how much we’d like to. But with tools like this simple mindfulness meditation, we can learn to adapt and manage our stress levels on a daily basis. Life is not about avoiding situation that causes stress, that’s impossible. Learning to be proactive is a much healthier way of dealing with the daily struggles of life.

How to Stay Focused in the Present

Another great idea for you would be to take your phone and record in your own voice something similar to what is written above. Once you have a simple mindfulness practice recorded, you can put on headphones and listen to it any time of day with your eyes closed to achieve inner peace and serenity. Try this little practice 3 times a day for 3-5 minutes a session for the next 21 days. I imagine you’ll start to feel so good about the practice, you’ll find more time to practice longer sessions.

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