Mary Kate has been a Robertson ever since she married John Luke, Willie and Korie’s son. In Robertson fashion, they filmed the wedding and made it into a Duck Dynasty episode.

Mary Kate Robertson (via Country Rebel)

After they finished galavanting around Australia on their honeymoon, Mary Kate and John Luke moved to Lynchburg, Virginia, to attend Liberty University.

That’s when they got involved in the community and made a bunch of friends. Mary Kate became friends with Antonia Adams, who has gone through some of the most difficult things a person can experience.

Antonia, like any Liberty college student, went home for Thanksgiving. That’s when she found out her mother had been diagnosed with stage four colon cancer. 

And then, shortly after New Year’s, which she spent with family, Antonia got a terrible phone call at school — her mom had been admitted to the hospital after passing out from dehydration and cancer. 

Her kidneys were beginning to fail. The doctor suggested the family stop the chemo and “let life take its course,” according to Country Rebel.

After a family visit, her mom urged her to go back to school and finish. So Antonia did, but then a week later she got another call from home. The hospice nurse said Antonia should come home to see her mother.

Only a few days after Antonia got home to say goodbye, her mom said goodbye to this life for good.

Unfortunately, Antonia’s father was hospitalized soon after his wife’s passing. He had “polyps in his colon and small intestine.” He is currently in the hospital, and the family is left trying to cover things like “mortgage, car, insurance, phone, light, gas, food, medical, and home repair payments,” according to their GoFundMe.

That’s right — a friend set up a GoFundMe account for the family. You can give here.

Mary Kate is now trying to… raise support like she did on her Instagram story.

Raise support, like she did on her Instagram story.

via Country Rebel)

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