Sadie Robertson of Duck Dynasty Dates Texas A&M QB Trevor Knight

Sadie Robertson Dumps Trevor Knight

The sweetheart of Duck Dynasty, Sadie Robertson has finally found a suiter to match her standards. Sadie is a good Christian girl, with sound morals and standards that she uses to make the right decisions in life.

She’s the kind of daughter a mother or father would be proud of and one of the most attractive woman on TV today. Sadie definitely doesn’t settle, in fact her standards are set so high it took a nearly professional athlete to win her heart.

Sadie Robertson of Duck Dynasty is now dating the quarter back of Texas A&M, Trevor Knight.

He’s a clean-cut man, and they’ve been spending quality time together. They just went public last month.

I imagine it must be getting pretty serious if they’re already going public. Anyone dating Sadie is a lucky man. The same can probably be said of any women dating Knight.

Both of these two young adults keep very busy schedules and highly successful in their own right.

Sadie stays busy as a fashion designer and philanthropist. On top of that she has a huge part in the show Duck Dynasty. She’s one of the most frequently seen characters on the show and is always spreading her infectious smile and grace about.

She’s a charming young woman who brings a lot of class to the Duck Dynasty family. She gives young women everywhere someone to look up to.

The same can be said when it comes to Trevor Knight. His busy schedule as a full time student and the starting quarterback for Texas A&M is nothing short of impressive. He’s a very morally right man with a good, healthy background, and he is also a Christian. These two people show Americans everywhere what’s possible when two children are raised in good homes with solid American values and given the right opportunities to succeed.

I think their relationship, and their abilities to accomplish so much at such a young age is something many young people can look up to and strive for.

They first met after Knight messaged Sadie to invite her to join him in the charity work he does in Haiti every year. After that they clicked and started off as friends, the way it should be.

Then they just hit it off. The couple was seen at a Justin Bieber concert together and it just seemed like everything was magic after that. Now, only a few months later, they can both be seen all over the place with pictures popping up together.

God bless them and their pure spirits, faith in God, and ambition to help make this world a better place. Let’s all give our hats off to Sadie Robertson and Trevor Knight.

*Editor’s Note: This post was edited for accuracy on September 12, 2016

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