How Meditation Can Eliminate The Frustrations Of A Bad Day


Have you ever had one of those mornings when you struggled to open your eyes but from the moment you did, things started to go wrong? Before you even made it to work, you were wishing that the day was over. In fact, you may have wondered what else could go wrong. Sound familiar? Meditation can help.


Meditation – the solution

There’s no doubt that once the day starts badly, it often continues in the same way.  These are days that are frustrating beyond belief and no doubt, you wish you had never got out of bed. Everything becomes difficult. You feel out of sorts as if someone else is pulling the strings. You are desperate to go home. However, there is one thing that you can do to stop the dramas and to clear your mind. Meditation. It becomes the perfect solution and it renews, regenerates and it calms. 

Meditate away those frustrations

If you are struggling throughout the day and you feel as if your mood is now starting to match the gloom around you, it’s important to stop and take a moment to reflect. At times like this, utilizing breathing techniques can make a big difference. It enables you to let go of any inner angst and to recognize that things will get better. Everyone experiences ‘one of those days’. You are not the first and you will not be the last. Therefore, meditation acts like a healing salve. 

Meditation corrects the negative flow

When you feel overwhelmed with the obstacles that are coming your way, hit that pause button.  Turn to meditation. Take time away from your workstation or get away from work during your lunch break. A change of scenery will make a big difference. If you can find a quiet space, sit quietly and reconnect with your sense of self.


Change your perspective

As you move deeper into the meditation through focusing on the breath – gentle inhalations and exhalations. Visualize yourself standing on a large hill, the grass is beautifully green, the sky is blue, and the view is spectacular. As you survey the scene below your vantage point, you suddenly realize how small everything is in comparison. Try to bring this scene to life. When you do this, it’s possible to change your perspective on life’s issues, in fact, everything feels manageable when you view it from a lofty position. This is a powerful meditation that helps to change your perspective on life. The more you practice it, the greater the imagery. 

 Meditation can be used in so many ways. Whether you feel tired, frustrated or even angry and everything is against you, once you practice meditation regularly, it’s possible to let all tension dissipate. Importantly, the glitches that occur in life will not be quite so troublesome.