How To Defeat The Pressures Of Life And Get Your Motivation Back


You want to do well at work and have your sights set on a lucrative promotion. As a result, you have worked late for weeks desperately keeping up with rising workloads and increased pressures. Now you feel fatigued and have lost all motivation. Sound familiar? You may be suffering from mental exhaustion. 

mental exhaustion

Mental Exhaustion

mental exhaustion

Mental exhaustion is serious. You may feel completely exhausted and have lost interest in all that is going on around you. Avoid this at all costs. There are many pressures at work these days no matter your position within the company. It’s all too easy to work through your lunch or to stay late at night. If you have started working longer hours, you may feel as if you never quite switch off from the workplace. If this sounds like you, it’s time to stop.

Work Vs. Health

It is important to remember that although work is important, health is more important. If you do not take good care of yourself, you may be signed off from work sick and then what will you do? It may be difficult to accept that you are not able to do everything that is expected of you in the workplace, but you are only human.

If you have tried to manage your time more efficiently and are still failing to complete work by the end of your normal working day, then it is more than likely that you are being given too much to do. This is where good communication between you and your direct line manager is of the utmost importance.

mental exhaustion

The lure of a promotion or, rising workloads often put incredible pressure on people and, suddenly, negative behavioral patterns start to develop where you continue to work into your lunch break and finish later and later. You even think about work when you have finally left for the day. This becomes a dangerous pattern as it is so important to be able to switch off and relax and to recharge those emotional and physical batteries.

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