This Really Is The Best Way To Make Every Visit With Your Grandkids Count…

How to Make Visits Count

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Many grandparents live near their grandchildren and see them quite often. But those frequent visits may be of short duration. So how can grandparents make the most of the time they have with their grandchildren?

Use your time wisely.

Because many parents are busy, spending time with grandchildren often means going and getting them. When you pick your grandchildren up from an activity or from the babysitter, plan to use time in the car as an additional bonus, not just transport time. 

Ask about your grandchild’s day and build a conversation from there. Sing songs. Play a game. Make a plan for what to do when you get to your house.

Instigate conversation.

If you haven’t been with your grandchild recently, a bit of a transition may be required. You may have to provide conversation starters to “break the ice.”

Ask about his or her recent activities or friend visits. For a recent school or church program, ask about practices, the audience, the child’s feelings. Nearing holidays, ask about preparations.

If all attempts fail, tell the child a funny story from your childhood. That almost always works. However, whether it does or does not be sure to…

Ooze love and affirmation.

Whatever you are doing with your grandchildren do your best to be positive. Keep in mind that they are not only listening to you but they are reading your body language, especially your facial expressions.

When you say, “I love you,” attach a hug and a smile. If you say, “You are the best ever,” add a cheer made up just for them as well as a few pompoms. When a grandchild says, “I want to be an artist when I grow up,” take him or her to the store to get art supplies.

Encouraging your grandchildren takes time, time spent with them.

Stop now to plan your week and make sure you include grandchildren in a few activities. When you attend their programs, activities, or invite them to your house, they are affirmed and assured of your love.

They will know they can count on you.

Now just for smiles, watch this…

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