Discover The Easiest Way To Build A Meditation Habit


Would you like to learn how to meditate properly and be able to escape the stresses of everyday life? Have you tried it before and struggled? Follow these steps to meditation made easy and practice a little each day and embrace the stress-free lifestyle.  


Why people struggle with meditation

If you have struggled to meditate previously, you may not have given it enough time. Think about it, when you learn a new task or technique in the work place, you don’t know what to do immediately, it takes time to learn and absorb new techniques, right? Many people think that the benefits are immediate but, you do have to grasp the concept and be realistic. This means understanding the benefits and how meditation actually works. What do you get out of meditating each day? How long do you need to meditate for? All these things help you to embrace the techniques and to personalize them for you.

So, how does it work and what’s in it for me?

Meditation is extremely powerful. It helps combat the stressors of the day, in a big way. It can even offset or alleviate pain and improve sleep. So, the best way of meditating and gaining the best from it, is to consider what your needs are. Are you trying to improve mental clarity? Are you trying to overcome emotional angst? Do you need inner healing? Or, do you just want to be able to quieten your mind and to let go? Know what you want and strive towards it.

Why is meditation difficult for you?

Sometimes, it takes time to be in the right frame of mind for meditation. It may be that you want to start but, you are just in the wrong place mentally. When you are experienced with meditation, it doesn’t matter what state of mind you are in, but when you are learning, sure, this can hamper your progress and stop you from switching off. If you are really distracted, it takes a while to tame those errant thoughts.


Your starting point

Find a quiet place, switch off your phone and sit in a comfortable position.

Take a few deep breaths and focus just on the breath, feel the air entering your lungs and leaving it. This is a mindful approach and, it works well to center you and to stop you from focusing on any negativity or external distractions. Don’t worry if your mind wanders a little. As soon as you notice it, bring it back. You are in control.  It may help if you set a timer for two or three minutes initially so that you know it is important to stay focused and to get on with it.

If you can only hold your attention for a couple of minutes that is fine. Just do this several times a day. Train your mind to respond.


Meditate, don’t berate yourself

Just remember, be kind to yourself. Don’t berate yourself because you struggle sometimes, just go with the flow, accept it. If you find that your emotions rise, let them do so. If you find that your mind is bombarded with thoughts, accept it and then, push them to one side gently. Meditation will make you feel good. There is no doubt about it. Meditation will enrich your life. You just have to persevere and let it happen.