A mindfulness practice is something that can benefit everyone in a work environment. But there are ways to incorporate mindfulness without being offensive. Even though major breakthroughs are happening with meditation, some people are still hesitant when the word ‘mindfulness’ is mentioned.

Once mindfulness is included in working environments, it is often accepted greatly. The stigma around meditation and mindfulness usually dissolves. Heavy workloads, overwhelming bosses and deadlines often cause severe amounts of stress for workers. If they are taught mindfulness practices and given time throughout the day to use them, the entire working environment can change.

And that brings us to the first rule of mindfulness in the workplace. Employers need to make time for mindfulness for their employees. All they need is a few minutes a few times throughout the day to breathe deeply and relax. And if there are employees who are closed off to the thought of mindfulness, you can simply call the practice relaxation time.

Also, offer to teach about mindfulness. Online courses or weekend courses are a great way to give people information on the subject of mindfulness. Oftentimes, people are closed off to the subject because they don’t understand what it is. Once they are taught about proper meditation, breathing and mindfulness, they typically begin to accept it easier. Especially if the benefits of the practice are explained in detail. There aren’t many people out there who want to live with a bunch of stress in their lives.

How to Bring Mindfulness Into the Workplace

Enocouraging Mindfulness in the WorkplaceCreate a work environment that is accepting. Everyone has strengths and weaknesses, so allowing people to be human is a powerful concept. The less judgement there is in a workplace, the better it is for all of the employees. Creating a safe environment will be very beneficial for everyone, especially the company. When people can express themselves freely without fear, new connections are formed and creativity flows much better.

Another great tip is to give employees reminders throughout the day to focus on their breathing. By reminding them to focus on their breathing, they will naturally come back to the present moment. All it takes is 3-5 deep breathes to bring someone back to the moment.

Making a room where employees can go to meditate is another great idea. If you can, an outside breeze way works wonders for helping people relax. The point is to have a designated spot were employees can relax without judgement. If they have somewhere they can sit and meditate for 5-10 minutes, they will likely begin to practice the art more often.

It’s also important to remind employees to be mindful of their task at hand and never multitask. Multi-tasking, creates stress. And being mindful of one task at a time is a great way to focus in the present moment where all your power is.

Help Employees Be Mindful of Pro-Activeness 

The last piece of advice, is to teach employees how to write and work with mindfulness in thought. If an argument ensues, remind them to write their complaint email and then step away. They can then come back to re-read it after cooling down. And if a confrontation has to happen, remind employees to be proactive about it. They can learn to step away and imagine the confrontation going smoothly, so when it actually happens there is no heated battle. Often times when an employee can step away and start to look at a situation from different points of views, situations will naturally defuse themselves.

With all these tips in mind, you can now begin to incorporate mindfulness into your work area. You’ll likely begin to notice amazing results as your employees begin to feel more balanced and centered.

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