This Healing Meditation Will Transform Your Home Into A Stress-Free Zone


When you come back from a hard day’s work, it’s important to be able to switch off from the day and to let go of any tension. But for some, this is incredibly hard to do. So, a healing meditation can provide a timely solution so that your home becomes a stress-free zone.

healing meditation

Healing meditation for winding down

If you struggle to let go of the annoyances of the day, you are the perfect candidate for a healing meditation. It is so important to switch off from the work-place, ideally, the moment you leave but, this may not be possible. If you find yourself reviewing and analyzing the frustrations repeatedly in your mind, you must learn to press the off switch.

Set up a healing zone

Ideally, once you return home, do the essentials and then, find a quiet space in which to practice your healing meditation. If you have a designated space and you have made it appealing to the senses, this will help you to get into the meditative zone much more readily. In fact, if you make it a habit to meditate the moment you return home, you will slip into a de-stressed mode instinctively. This is because your sub-conscious mind expects this to be so.

Meditation tips

If you have never meditated before, the idea is to sit quietly and to immerse yourself in a scene that instils a sense of calmness and peace. It takes a while for the practice to become instinctive but persevere. Try to remain within the scene and focused as much as is possible for as long as is possible. Focus on the breath- in and out and if your mind wanders, bring it back.

healing meditation

The river scene healing meditation

Once you are fully relaxed and sitting or lying in a comfortable position, visualize a river scene that appeals to you. This could be a favored spot or, you may be creating the scene in your mind as you go. Picture yourself sitting by the water. Watch as the gentle current transports stray twigs or leaves down the river. Notice flies dancing just above the water and the sounds as fish come to the service. Ascertain whether the water is dark and deep or shallow and transparent. Notice river weed and ducks and water birds as they swim by. Feel an affinity with this place. Tune into the conditions around you, is there a breeze fresh against your skin? Is the sun shining or are clouds obscuring the rays? What is the color of the sky?

Notice the trees that line the river bank. Tune into the textures of the tree trunks. Some may be smooth and others, rugged and gnarled. Listen to birdsong and appreciate nature’s scents. Once you become an intrinsic part of the scene, just remain, transfixed. Feel a deep sense of peace washing over you. Picture any stressors floating away down the river, the current taking problems of the day away from you. Let it all go.

Finish the meditation when ready and keep the positive energy within your for the rest of the evening. When you make healing meditations a part of everyday life, you will find that stress affects you less. You are more able to deal with life’s irritations.