Your mind is a powerful tool. You can either learn to use it, or it will learn to use you. It’s really, the most powerful tool on in the Universe. It’s been given to you by your creator. And can give you everything you want in life, or nothing at all. One of the processes you can use to create your life, is creative visualization.

Visualizing is something that everyone performs, whether they realize it or not. Visualizing is basically imagining what you want before you get it. It doesn’t have to be completely visual, it can be a feeling too. The problem comes when the visions are not controlled by the person. A lot of people allow the influences of the external world guide their visualizations.

They watch media about poverty and death, and movies about war. These things are OK from time to time. But unless you consciously take time to clear them out of your conscious, they will influence your thoughts and feelings.

The practice of visualizing will give you the ability to overcome the element you see on a daily basis. You have to become what you want to be inside, before you will ever see it outside. It’s just the way it goes, our inner world always creates our outer world. Visualizing doesn’t have to be perfect either. It can be practiced while you meditate.

Why is Visualizing Important?

Because your unconscious mind controls the direction you go in life. If you don’t give it the right marching instructions, it will listen to the influences of your external world. If you haven’t read the book Psycho Cybernetics by Maxwell Maltz, you may want to. Maltz goes into great detail about the power of visualizing. The process is basically the mental movies we make up on a daily basis.

Most people imagine the things they don’t want in life. And then those things show up in their world. They wonder why things keep happening to them. But they don’t understand, that they’ve been continually giving their brain the wrong instructions. We definitely influence our world through thought and visualization. Whether it’s at a spiritual level, a quantum level or purely physical, we don’t know for sure. And regardless of what you believe, it’s true.

creative-visualization-2That’s why it is extremely important to take time to visualize what you want. I always tell my clients and friends to write out their perfect day. Write it out so vividly, that you can read it to a five-year-old and they can see it plain as day. Use descriptive languages, and engage all the five senses. Write it out with complete clarity and be honest to yourself.

Making Your Own Creative Visualization

Then take your cell phone, and record it in your own voice. Usually keep it between 10-15 minutes. Then when you meditate, listen to the recording with your eyes closed. Imagine everything in your vision is already real. Work at getting the feeling of the vision. The feeling is most important, and over time, you’ll start to see your vision in real life. Another reason visualizing works, is because the unconscious mind, doesn’t know the difference between what you visualize and real life. Over time, you trick the mind into believing it’s real, then it actually starts to happen.

Try this little process for 21 days, and watch the amazing results you get. Creative visualizing could be the one practice you’ve been looking for, to take your life to the next level.

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