4 Magical Steps To Creating Your Own Code Of Conduct


When you feel confident in life and believe in yourself, you can start to create your own code of conduct. You know what’s right and wrong but, you follow your own instinct and play the game your way. If this sounds good, then, read on.

code of conduct

Code of conduct – what’s the starting point?

Meditation. If you haven’t already started to meditate, do it now. Just close your eyes, shut out the external world and turn your attention inwards. Keep all thoughts out of your stream of consciousness and if needed, visualize these thoughts dropping from view. Try to sustain this for a minute or two at first. Doesn’t it feel great? The more you practice this, the greater you will feel. Importantly, your mind will be clear, yes, truly clear of daily stresses and decision-making will become oh, so much easier. You’ll also find it easier to create your own rules for life and to live by them. Just imagine, you’ll have your own code of conduct.

When you meditate, life becomes easier. There’s no doubt about this. You stop second-guessing yourself, you feel more confident and you can assess situations more clearly. There’s less stress, less anxiousness and you can be more assertive as to what you want and don’t want.

To compromise or not, that is the question

Do you always succumb to the wishes of others? Do you find that frustrating? Sometimes, a situation calls for a compromise but at other times, not. When you feel strongly about something, be prepared to hold your ground. State your case with conviction. If you know a situation is going to be tough and that you must be firm, meditate first, clear your mind and visualize a successful outcome.

Take the emotion out of a difficult situation

It is so difficult sometimes to face an emotive situation but to leave your emotions to one side. In a volatile work situation for example, you must be clear and concise and state your case without feeling overwhelmed by emotions. If you have to negotiate, push your emotions to one side. You need to be strong, clear-headed and determined. It doesn’t matter what the situation, sometimes, you have to deal with the situation as if written in black and white. Meditation gives you much greater control over these situations and when you have your own code of conduct, you do what feels right.

code of conduct

Create a vision

It’s easy to just let life tick on by but, if you create a strong vision for the future, you will be able to strive forwards and to achieve your goals. Meditation can help you to do just this. You find a quiet space, clear your mind and then, visualize on the desired goal. Try to picture it, bring it to life, feel the desire.

In conclusion, there, may be obstacles in your path but with a clear intent, you can neatly side-step them, overcome them or even, hurdle them. It’s your code of conduct, do it your way. If it hurts no-one else in the process, feel empowered.