Should You Limit The Time You Spend With Your Grandchildren If You Are Diabetic?


If you’re diabetic, you know you must take precautions to stay free from injury. Even a minor scrape or cut can heal slowly and result in infection. But you also know you don’t want to miss a beat with your grandkids. The more you know about your health, the better for everyone.

diabetes wound healing

What’s going on inside? High glucose levels impair the functioning of white blood cells. White blood cells kill bacteria that can lead to infection. Diabetes can slow over-all circulation which impedes the travel of red blood cells to nourish wounded areas. 

It can also weaken the production of healing and growth hormones and decrease collagen production.

Uncontrolled diabetes can cause nerve damage. When you don’t know you’ve been injured, particularly in your feet, you may not receive medical attention right away. 

What is medical science doing to better understand diabetes? Ongoing studies seek to pinpoint the cause, treatment, and outcomes of diabetes. While organizations such as The Diabetes Research Institute, of Miami, Florida continues to search for a cure.

What do you tell your grandchildren? Carefully explain your condition according to their maturity. If they’re interested in the details, you can give them a quick biology lesson in red and white blood cells and healing hormones. 

Staying active for their sakes and yours

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The last thing you want, when you’re out enjoying your grands, is to receive an injury. So take steps to protect your feet and other vulnerable areas of your body. Carry a first-aid kit and treat cuts and scrapes according to your doctor’s orders.

Setting an example of proper protective clothing and following health and safety protocols if good for everyone. Your grandkids will pick up invaluable information that will last a lifetime.

My diabetic grandmother said she was privileged to wear her shoes in the house. The rest of us were in stocking feet. I didn’t know much about her health but I knew she always kept up with us. 

Your diabetes doesn’t have to slow you down either. You may get some special privileges but the grands will have you. And that’s what grandparenting is all about.