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If you’re the type of person who’s always on the lookout for new music, keep reading.

If you always have to know what country music is hot right now, take a gander below. Here are the newest additions to CMT’s Artist Discovery, which spotlights new country artists.

Luke Combs

Think back to the first time you saw your ex after breaking up. Rough, right?

Mr. Combs has put that into music form. At 26 years old, he seems to have already experienced a good amount of heartbreak.

He started music in the summer of 2011 during his time at Appalachian State University. After three solid years playing concerts with his band, he moved from North Carolina to Nashville in September 2014.

Shannon LaBrie

Do you like Tom Petty? Do you also like Bob Dylan?

If so, you’ll be a fan of LaBrie. Her song, “It’s Political” is a rock-esque tune that’s belligerent towards authorities.

She hails from Lincoln, Nebraska, and has played at SXSW, the Austin City Limits Festival, Road to Bonnaroo, and the Road to Hangout Festival. Her newest album, “War and Peace,” is an honest attempt to remind listeners to speak up and stand for your cause.

Her website bio claims that she “defies genre and brings to life insightful stories of a woman who remains true to herself in a life where uncertainty is certain.”

Take a listen and see if you can disagree with that.

Alyssa Bonagura

Bonagura is a pureblood when it comes to music — both of her parents are musicians. She’s taken advantage of that fact and honed her craft of songwriting and singing. Also, she calls her managers, promoters, and even roadies her “extended family.”

She can drop names, that’s for sure. Steven Tyler, Jana Kramer, and Jo Dee Messina are just a few stars who have recorded her songs. But “Rebel” is one she kept for herself. It explores the beauty all around us despite the ugliness we often focus on.

Chandler Stephens

Greatness can only come from great influences. Stephens put Loretta Lynn, Patsy Cline, and Reba McEntire in her book of heroines.

She says on her website, “It was always emotionally impactful lyrics and deeply memorable melodies that became infectiously [embedded] in my mind, my heart and my soul.”

In a family with 15 adopted siblings, she had to rise to the occasion; she said growing up was “crazy but so much fun.” He song “Patchwork Heart” is all about memories and how they shape us throughout our lives. Deep stuff in this song.

Lucas Hoge

It’s common to see a guy with a cool car or truck and wooing an attractive girl, but Hoge looks to bring his own spin to the concept. 

The music video for his groovy song “Boom Boom” will show you what he loves — girls, cool vehicles, and the country.

“I try to either find songs or write songs that I think are going to stand the test of time and really connect with the listener,” he says on his website.

And there you have it. CMT’s picks for the newest and coolest, up-and-coming country artists. What do you think? Any keepers?

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