For Busy Grandmas: How To Create The Best Valentine’s Day EVER


Valentine’s Day is approaching and we don’t want it to slip by unnoticed. Here are some busy-day tips for celebrating with your grandkids. 

Best Ever Valentine's Day With Grands

Baking is still number one.

Fourteen years ago, when I had just two grandchildren, baking was crazy fun. There were blobs of unused frosting floating in the dishwater and flour tracked throughout the house. 

That’s still a great time, but if we’re working grandmas or need to keep it tidier this year, we can rely on modern conveniences to lend a hand.

Buy premade cookie dough to slice and bake or ask your favorite bakery to bake a dozen cupcakes and leave them unfrosted. Add your own store-bought frostings and toppings.

Or buy pre-frosted cupcakes and add sprinkles, marshmallows, candy hearts or gummies. 

If you wish to bake from scratch, by all means, do so. But try limiting the quantity. Two grandchildren will not eat a dozen cupcakes, so decorate one each and send some home, with frosting, to share with mom and dad. 

Crafting memoriesBest Valentine's Ever With Grandkids

Crafts are still a big hit.

Little hands love stickers, glue and anything bright. Bigger hands may love to illustrate. 

Spend fifteen minutes in the Valentine’s section of a craft’s store. Pick up a few items and add them to things found around the house. Bits of yarn, small bows, pictures cut from magazines, buttons and uncooked pasta are good choices. Be sure that small items do not end up in little mouths. 

Give your grandchildren a blank piece of construction paper or cardstock and a bottle of glue. Let them choose from your colorful pile of treasures in the middle of the table. And watch. 

We learn so much about our grandchildren when we leave the choices open. 

I now have eleven grandkids. When I had just a few, I was on top of every holiday. As we added on, and I went back to work, it took more to pull it together.

In this world of busy grandmas, and just as busy grandkids, it’s good to know we can get a little help this Valentine’s Day. And the memories will be just as sweet.