The Perfect Gift You Can Give At Your Grandchild’s Wedding


Wedding bells are ringing and you’re wondering how time passed so quickly. Why not put those years to work for you when choosing the best ever wedding gift for your grandchild?

a gift only you can give - wedding

As I’m writing this, my oldest grandchild is just fourteen. There are ten more following on his heels. I’m fully aware that time is flying and the family is expanding by the moment. And if I had to choose graduation gifts or wedding presents all at once, I’d be in a pickle. But truly, I do consider these things.

One thing I’ve never wanted to do or be is ordinary. Anyone can buy my grands a toaster, bathroom linens, or a handful of gift cards. However, I hold a special gift that can only come from me– the gift of their father or mother’s history. And I want to share it in a newly packaged, thoughtfully presented, and forever cherished manner.

See if this would work for you:

  • Look through your keepsakes to find anything you have concerning your grandchild’s parent.
  • If it’s a memory on paper, frame it and affix a note on the back which explains the piece.
  • If its something made in school– such as a wooden or ceramic object– have it professionally set into a glass, display case. Choose one that can easily sit on a mantle or end table. Affix its story to the bottom of the case. 
  • You can do the same with a paper memory or object your marrying-grandchild gave you in days gone by.
  • If you choose to pass along an heirloom from your own marriage, or you or your spouse’s former military service, have it set into a shadow box.

Presenting Your Gift of History


a gift only you can give - weddingTry not to give your gift casually. You don’t want it to become just another item on the pile of cookware at the reception. Consider giving it privately. Package it as the priceless piece that it is and tell its history as they examine it. Explain that your hope is that it’s passed to one of their children upon marriage.

Right now, think of the precious treasures stored in your attic, basement, or up in the garage. If you’re not sure what’s there, ask some capable grands to help you explore– but not the one about to wed.

What more can we give our adult grandkids than a piece of family history from heart to heart?