10 Activities For Grandfather’s That Kids Love

happy grandfather and child have fun and play in park

Becoming a grandfather is truly exciting. One of the best parts is to have a loving, nurturing, fun-filled relationship with your grandchildren. However, with school, sports, and other activities that can take so much of a child’s time, scheduling a special time with your grandchild can be quite tricky. But it isn’t going to be impossible.

Grandfather playing chess with his grandson
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What activities can they engage in for fun then? Here are a few ideas on how to have a wonderful, memorable time with your grandchildren.

  1. Look at Baby Books Together

Show your grandchildren what their parents looked like when they were still babies. There is nothing more pleasurable than seeing their mommies and daddies who, once upon a time, were also children just like themselves.

  1. Play Cards or Board Games

Show children that there are other cool things aside from cell phones and the internet. Give them a glimpse of hobbies you enjoy and what cool moves you have for each game. A child loves to compete with grandma and grandpa. I mean… who doesn’t?

  1. Bake Cakes and Cookies Together

Children love to be included in grown-up activities, not to mention the yummy snacks you make. One good thing about baking or cooking is that you can teach your grandchild to plan, follow instructions, and be patient.

  1. Nature Walk

A nature walk is one of the most fun and exciting activities grandfathers can have with their grandchildren. Not only is it a time to appreciate the beauty of nature but it’s also a good time for stretching the legs, talking about anything under the sun and listening to their stories.

  1. Show Your Grandchildren Your Hobbies

Teach them about a hobby you love: like playing a musical instrument, crocheting, woodworking, cooking, baking or anything else you have a talent for accomplishing. Children love to see the other side of their grandparents.

  1. Go Out for a Swim

Try the lake or somewhere not very common. Children love to explore with their grandparents. Why? Because Grandpa knows a ton of stuff, has a great answer for everything, and loves questions. What’s more? Swimming is a great activity.

  1. Camp Outside

Children love to play house and discover that grandfather is fantastic at setting up tents. You can help with setting up a tepee from old sheets and a few poles.

  1. Tell Them Stories When You Were Their Age

Grandchildren would love to know what their grandpa and grandma were up to when they were children themselves. You can tell them your family history, what you did for fun, and how the society you grew up in shaped you.

  1. Catch Fireflies or Frogs. Yikes!

Boys and girls would love to have fun with grandpa alone, and what better way to spend it than to catch fireflies in a jar – frogs are optional by the way. But if you do catch frogs, you have to be polite and kiss them, just in case one is a cursed prince or princess. You never know and it’s best not to take the risk.

  1. Take Pictures and Create a Scrapbook

While doing all those fun activities together take pictures as many as possible and put it in a scrapbook. This way, you’ll both remember all great and unique things you did together.

Being a Grandfather Rocks!

Always keep it simple and fun. Less time spent in preparing an activity means more time to enjoy each other’s company.

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