Iain Armitage is the up and coming child star taking over Jim Parsons’ iconic role as the young Sheldon Cooper on Young Sheldon this far.

Iain is already overly adorable, but his cuteness factor went through the roof when he received a new puppy this week.

Iain Armitage’s New Puppy

Iain and baby Jamie!

A post shared by Iain Armitage (@iainlovestheatre) on Jul 5, 2017 at 11:22am PDT

Iain Armitage is only 8-years-old, and yet he’s totally taking Hollywood. The young entertainer can be seen in HBO’s Big Little Lies, and Steve Harvey’s Little Bit Shots. He also hosts his own Youtube channel where he critiques live theater, and he even interviewed major stars on the Tony’s Red Carpet special for Perez Hilton. 

This week Iain got a special surprise- a young puppy to take care of. The new addition to the family was shown off on Iain’s Instagram page, which is managed by his parents. The caption read simply, “Iain and baby Jamie!” Iain could not have looked more excited, holding the tiny pup in his lap. Perhaps the dog is a reward for a grueling filming season. This little guy seems to never stop working.

We have the kindest vet in the world but Jamie was still not sure how he felt about it all…

A post shared by Iain Armitage (@iainlovestheatre) on Jul 6, 2017 at 1:12pm PDT

Iain’s parents shared yet another photo of the precious puppy later in the day. They said, “We have the kindest vet in the world but Jamie was still not sure how he felt about it all…” Perhaps Iain accompanied his family and new dog to the vet for vaccinations and a check-up.

Iain At The Tony’s

Earlier this summer, Iain appeared on the Tony Awards red carpet. Iain reported from Radio City Music Hall. Iain was lucky enough to interview greats including Glenn Close, Justin Guarani, and Josh Groban. Iain even got to speak to the world famous Radio City Rockettes, who performed at the event for the first time in 13 years.

We love following Iain, and can’t wait to see his work in Young Sheldon, which premieres Monday, September 25th.

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