Ever Wanted to Do Extreme Kite Fighting

The Big Bang Theory shows us plenty of ways to have fun. Or, argue about theoretical comic book physics. Or sometimes extreme sports. That’s right, the gang of four might look like their nothing but mind-over-matter, but the truth is their athletes too. With, of course, extreme kite fighting!

Intense String Pulling Action

Every so often, Sheldon, Howard, Raj, and Leonard compete with kites for glory, strings, and more kites. But you don’t only have to be an observer, oh no. One can jump into this aerial combat just like them! If you’re willing to follow a few rules, of course.

As demonstrated by the group, the objective is simple: take down the opponent’s kite. This is accomplished in a variety of ways. Ideally, you cut through the foe’s string rendering them useless! Though, it requires coordination with you and your teammate.

extreme kite fightingCredit: www.cliqueclack.com

Do It Like Them

After shouting “kites ho!” you take to the skies with one other teammate. It’s a two versus two, so prepare accordingly. You might want to figure out a few coordinated attacks like Sheldon and Leonard. These maneuvers help trick your opponent and ultimately help bring them down.

Of course, keep the rules in mind while doing so, or you’ll be flying solo like Raj on a Saturday night. You can’t physically touch your opponent during flying. You must also always have two flyers per team. To win the match, you have to cut the strings of the enemy kite.

Finally, and the best rule: victor keeps and retains fallen kites if victorious.

extreme kite fightingCredit: www.recapguide.com

Become A Kite Master

You will only succeed if you keep these things in mind. Of course, following the various disciplines of Sheldon will make things easier. For example, watch out for string burn! It is the wound which brings down even the strongest warrior.

Then, watch out for distractions. Howard was far too preoccupied with pretty girls, leaving Raj to fight solo and certain doom. To be as Howard is to pursue failure!

And finally, focus! Bother yourself not with petty things like bills, work, or “what time is dinner.” There is nothing more important than victory through the sport of extreme kite fighting.

Are You Ready

With these ground rules in mind, you too can take to the skies and fight for string-fed glory. Will you capture trophies like Sheldon, or go home with nothing like Howard and R

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