How did the Duck Commander CEO react to his candidate succeeding?

Willie Robertson has supported President-elect Donald Trump since the primaries.

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Did He Predict It?

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In an interview with O’Reilly on Friday, Willie was initially asked if he had said Trump would win the election. He replied, “Well I mean obviously I did because I’ve been supporting him for so long.” Willie is referring to his support of the candidate as early as Summer of 2015. Previously, the Duck Dynasty cast member has been heard saying “I love Trump! How can you not love Trump!” Willie had stated in previous Fox News interviews that Trump was a business man, and as a business man himself he related to him.

He Admitted His Doubts

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However, Willie also admitted to O’Reilly that towards the end he had his doubts. “I have to admit to you Bill, the last day I wasn’t so sure.” Robertson continued, “I was beginning to think it was going to be too big of an uphill battle.”  

He Wanted the Big Shake Up

Willie told O’Reilly that the one thing that drew him to Trump was that he was a “regular guy.” Willie, like many other Republicans, was looking for a “Big chang-up” in Washington, and wanted to see a non-lifetime politician in the White House. The Robertsons are famous for their strong faith. Robertson also mentioned that Trump appointing Supreme Court Justices was an important factor for him. He liked that Trump mentioned the persecution of Christians around the world, and noted that many politicians have not previously mentioned this issue.

They’re Alike? Sort of?

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When pressed about accusations Trump has come under about racism, homophobia, sexism, and being non-charitable, Willie noted that his family has come under similar criticism before. In 2013 Phil Robertson made controversial comments about homosexuals among other things that cost him a large following. “My family has heard a lot of kind of the same kind of accusations, so I’m kind of used to it as well.” Willie elaborated, “People that don’t really know you start to spout off who you are.” Willie said he has met President-elect Trump, and liked him and his family very much.

American Fisherman

The interview also discussed Robertson’s new book “American Fisherman,” which is co-written by historian William Doyle. The book walks through the history of fishing, and how the sport and activity has changed the world. In the interview Willie spoke of many past presidents who have taken part in the past-time. The day after the interview Robertson would be appearing at a book signing in New Orleans.

The Robertsons are certainly vocal about their views. We can assume this won’t be the last time we will hear their reaction to the election news. Robertson seemed hopeful that Donald Trump could get the job done!


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