The cast of The Big Bang Theory brings in the big bucks.

The other day I wrote about how much the cast of the Big Bang Theory makes. Primarily I focused on the male cast members: Jim, Kunal, Johnny, and Simon. If you read it, you’ll know the cast makes serious bank.

Now we’ll be taking a glance at the other three. While Penny, Bernadette, and Amy may not always take center stage, they’re easily an integral part of the comedy routines. Let’s see how that stacks up in net worth, in no particular order.

Melissa Rauch – Net Worth $9 Million

Melissa has been the mousey Bernadette for several seasons. Sometimes quiet, then sometimes loud. Before she hitched on with TBBT, she was a comedian with a few roles before her time on the sitcom.

However, like most of the actors we’ve listed, her breakout was with everyone’s favorite hit comedy. She’s been able to turn her time into an $8 million lead, even though her acting career is relatively sparse. It’s set to grow exponentially throughout the years, especially as she continues on TBBT.

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Kaley Cuoco – Net Worth $46 Million

It’s probably no surprise Kaley is the third highest paid actor on the show. Including recent contract negotiations, Cuoco hits about $1 million per episode.

She’s had a lengthy career involved in various sports. In fact, she almost went on to seek a professional career in tennis before opting for acting instead. Mostly it was early commercials and a few television movies for her first roles. Hardly a stellar start.

But of course, her time with the cast truly turned that around and now she’s propelled herself into some wealthy affairs.

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Mayim Bialik – Net Worth $13 Million

Criminally underpaid in this author’s opinion, Mayim had done lots with her life well before she took the role as Sheldon’s lovely lady.

She’s been in several roles before her time as Amy, such as playing the teenage Blossom. She’s also an actual graduate with a doctorate in neuroscience, which is darn impressive. Meaning when she speaks, Mayim knows what she’s talking about instead of just reciting off lines.

She makes nearly $100K an episode with The Big Bang Theory, easily a hefty salary. That doesn’t include any of her other investments, so the current net worth amount is simply an estimation. It’s possible she’s got even more in her pocket than we know of!

So there you have it. An impressive career profit for the entire cast. Did the amounts surprise you?

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