Holiday blues? Big Bang Theory can help


Since holidays are approaching, it’s a good time to dwell on some reminders sure to help anyone with the holiday blues.

The Big Bang Theory has been a great show. Ten golden seasons; the hallmark of true television success. Snappy jokes, witty humor, and legitimate physics help it stand above the rest. But The Big Bang Theory is more than just a show. It’s a therapy couch, a friend-maker, a smile when you need it most.

Lessons learned from the nerdiest cast.

Watching The Big Bang Theory has a weird way of helping you push through the roughest of times. It’s a smart group of people who put their minds together and overcome obstacles, even if the methods seem preposterous.

Raj, for instance, pursued other work to remain in the United States instead of giving up to return home. Both Leonard and Sheldon used physics based math to push a heavy object up an incline of stairs from way back in season one. 

Great friendship moments.

This show can seriously create some great friendship moments when you choose to make it a special time and watch with someone else. The characters lend themselves to forming common bonds with different people.

Raj taught us a lot about the Indian cultural practices. He’s always dropping cultural hints throughout the series. Sometimes the characters would joke with him about eating a lot of beef – since as it is, much of Indian spirituality regards cattle as sacred.

This actually helped me with my Indian friend, who was a roommate back in college. Part of the fun of watching The Big Bang Theory was him telling me what similarities there were between he and Raj. We watched together, and as we laughed, I learned a lot.

When in doubt just shout ‘bazinga.’

When times are tough, you can always chill out to The Big Bang Theory. It has everything from laughs to real moments of struggle, all things we experience alone, or as friends, together. These are things that you won’t typically get from other shows. The Big Bang Theory always reminds us to stay strong. Real solutions with real science do exist, and even the smartest people have moments of weakness.

It can help nurture great friendships and can be a sign of hope and a spark of happiness in otherwise bleak ramen noodle filled nights. And when you’ve got someone to watch with, and the comic comradery hits a high, shout ‘bazinga’ in unison!

Even if it’s not perfect, the show can be uplifting in tough times.

I know I’m not the only one! How has the show impacted your life? Was it just a nightly ritual? A source of inspiration or laughs? Or something you could get friends together and watch all night? I’d love to know.

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