WATCH: Comedian Will Ferrell Helps Jimmy Fallon Begin “Summer Of Stashe…”

Will Ferrell | Photo Credit Tonight Show

Jimmy Fallon, The Viral Content King

Will Ferrell | Photo Credit Tonight Show

The Tonight Show’s Jimmy Fallon is known for coming up with trending Twitter hashtags. Whether he’s biking around on a tandem with Justin Timberlake or just asking for viewers to rat out their roommate’s weird habits, he’s well known for creating viral content.

Now, through the month of July, Fallon grew a mustache to start something he calls, “Stashetag,” or the “Summer of the Stashe…” Actor-comedian Will Ferrell came on to show his new look as well.

“I look like a guy you don’t want to sit next to on the plane,” joked Ferrell.

Will Ferrell Jealous Of Fallon’s Stashe…


“Look, I was jealous,” admits Ferrell. “Summer of Stashe. Hashtag, stashetag. I don’t want to disappoint the audience… This is not a real mustache,” he admits, as fans as clearly upset by the news.

“But I want to continue the Summer of Stashe by giving it to a lucky audience member.” Ferrell then walks out into the crowd and places the mustache on a young girl there to see the show.

“Young lady, you’re going to get some action tonight. I hope you’re flying,” said Ferrell.

Ferrell And Pohler Talk ‘The House’

Will Ferrell was there promoting his new film with Amy Poehler, The House:

“We loved the fact that there was a real universality in I want to give my kid everything and what would be the craziest thing I would do to make sure they could live their dreams,” said Poehler.

She explained that is was a lot of fun to play that type of parent because it’s relatable to how most people are regardless of how much money they have. She stated that people usually want more for their kids than the had. Her and Ferrell also joked about the fact that Millennials most likely won’t go to school and there won’t be colleges in 5-10 years. “I don’t think people will go to it so we’re hitting it right at the right spot with this movie,” said Ferrell. “It will be like you remember when people used to go college.”

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