BREAKING: Stevie Nicks Releases Shocking News About Her Personal Life… Fans Devastated


The lifestyle of a rock star is unforgettable, but due to Stevie Nicks addiction, she may not agree. 

stevie nicks addiction
April 25, 2016 in New York City.
Photo: Bruce Glikas / Getty Images

Recently, the Fleetwood Mac singer has opened up about the reckless, drug fueled life she once lived.  The famous vocalist prepares to embark on a worldwide 24 Karat Gold Tour clean and sober.  Stevie Nicks is as aware as anyone that she would not be alive for this tour if she had not kicked dope. 

Addiction can be an unrelenting enemy while also pretending to be a friend.  Stevie Nicks addiction was the worst combination because she had an infinite money supply and was famous.  The events occurring in the life of Stevie Nicks addiction should have killed the rock singer.

Stevie Nicks addiction to drugs began not long after she and Fleetwood Mac soared in popularity. 

She was young after becoming the center of the world to millions of fans.  According to the DailyMail “Stevie Nicks was 27 when she became the ‘Queen Bee’ of the British-American rock band, Fleetwood Mac. Up until that time, writing songs and singing with her longtime sweetheart, Lindsay Buckingham, she hadn’t indulged in drugs. But that was all about to change.”

Following the global success of Fleetwood Mac, Stevie Nicks addiction soared. Friends and family watched her spiral out of control rapidly. Addiction and substance abuse is often greatly misunderstood by those on the outside looking in at their loved one. 

Once the drug addict or alcoholic passes beyond the point of recreational use the drug is now a necessity.

Stevie Nicks addiction progressed in the same way, “she quickly descended into drug hell and became addicted to cocaine, alcohol, Quaaludes to sleep, and cigarettes – until her system broke down and she started having nosebleeds, falls on stage, blackouts and near overdoses. She bought $1 million worth of cocaine and it burned a hole in her nose the size of a dime. Rumors spread that she had to have the drug blown up her derriere by an assistant.”

Stevie Nicks addiction to drugs and alcohol continued until she caught a slight glimpse of rock bottom. The events that transpired were demoralizing at best, but only enough to just slow Nicks addiction down.

stevie nicks addiction prescription pills

“She only slowed down her drug consumption when her doctor warned her she was risking permanent mental and physical damage.  Her doctor said Nicks was heading for an early grave. The group called for an intervention and saved her life by urging her to check in to the Betty Ford Center.”

As with many addicts who get off their drug of choice, they substitute it for a new drug.  “Stevie got cleaned up from one drug and went into therapy, but for the next nine years she became dependent on another drug prescribed for anxiety.”  Prescription drugs are one of the most common drugs causing relapses for addicts and alcoholics.  Many either ignorantly or deliberately tell themselves prescription drugs are not ‘drug’ at all. 

Stevie Nicks’ addiction led her to crazy actions and crazy places.  She bravely fought substance abuse for 40 years and lived to tell the story.  She is considered one of the greatest female vocalists in the history of music.  Although Stevie Nicks addiction may have defined a large part of her life, the addiction does not define Stevie Nicks.



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