Negan may be on top right now, but we all know his penance is coming. Could Michonne or Rosita be the one to deliver revenge?

Negan has had a thunderous impact on the heroes of The Walking Dead. After the deaths of Glenn and Abraham and the threats against Carl, Rick has had his spirit broken. He’s been urging the rest of the Alexandrians to fall in line. Nonetheless, there are some members of the community who remain defiant.

One of those resisting the new order is Rick’s lover, Michonne. In last week’s episode, we saw her training with a sniper rifle. Unfortunately, Rick makes her hand it over to Negan before the episode ends.

In The Walking Dead comic book, it’s Andrea who becomes Rick’s lover. Of course, Andrea’s been dead for quite some time now on the TV show. Andrea is also shown to be a crack shot with the sniper rifle in the comic, with an upcoming storyline hinging on that ability. After a confrontation with Negan, Rick believes they have an opportunity to take him out. Andrea rushes to the bell tower with her sniper rifle, but can’t get a clear shot at Negan. She takes out the Savior driving Negan’s truck, though.

Michonne = Andrea?

Danai Gurira as Michonne on The Walking DeadImage Credit: AMC

So is The Walking Dead TV series setting up Michonne to take on this storyline? “We’ll have to see,” says Danai Gurira, who plays Michonne.

“She’s not that good at it, we do know that, but she definitely is trying to find a way,” says Gurira. “She was, at least at the beginning of the episode, trying to find a way to combat this issue in as effective a way as possible. Of course, a gun can be a very effective way to handle something versus just her swords. We’ll see if she gets to the point where she picks it back up again, or she gets one to pick back up again. They did just give them all their weapons.”

Rosita’s Revenge

Even if Michonne doesn’t take a shot at Negan, it looks like Rosita could. Negan and his men take all of the guns from Alexandria, but Rosita sneaks in a handgun she found on a walker. She retrieves a shell fired by Negan earlier in the episode and brings it to Eugene. “Make me a bullet,” she orders.

As you may recall, last season Eugene identified a factory that could be used to produce new bullets for the community. In the comic book, Eugene goes on to make bullets for Alexandria, The Hilltop, and The Kingdom. It’s a key element of their war on Negan.

So is Rosita going to fire that magic bullet at Negan? “That’s what’s so fun about the end of the episode is that it leaves it up to interpretation,” says Christian Serratos, who plays Rosita.

“I’m a huge fan of the show and I watch it, and I immediately think she’s going to go after Negan,” says Serratos. “She wants to get the kingpin. She wants to get the guy that killed her family, but who knows. It’s going to be really fun these next few episodes of seeing who this bullet is meant for.”

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