Passionate Fans Keep The Walking Dead Alive

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC Fans are passionate about The Walking Dead and one fan even took the time to piece together an emotionally-driven short film made up of TWD clips leading back to the pilot episode. These show Rick’s thoughts on Negan’s War.

Part of the footage uses Rick’s recent confession that he can no longer sleep through the night as he remembers Glenn. He revealed this to Michonne in Season 7 when they were out on the road together and found the fair.

This doesn’t mean that Rick Grimes will ever admit defeat.

Fan-Made Video Sums Of Season 7 And Beyond

The video is honestly near perfect as it uses voiceovers from the past season and clips from all seven seasons. We see Rick’s powerful speeches, Maggie’s emotional moments, and even Negan gathering the troops.

“We’re going to war,” admits Rick Grimes before the video moves on to show various shots of Rick’s gang, better known as “The Walking Dead.” We then see Rick tell Negan “You’re already dead” moments before Shiva and the troops arrive.

The inspiration music in the background doesn’t hurt either.

Rick And Michonne Talk The Future

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

The video makes sure to highlight all of the major characters, including Carol and the King’s gun battle, Morgan and Daryl’s shootout, Rick and Michonne’s weedwhacker walker scene and then the famous dinner table scene.

The video does a great job of highlighting the fallen members with black and white video, so even someone unfamiliar with the show will likely understand what’s going on as the video completes a beginning, middle, and end.

We then end with Rick’s voiceover to Michonne where he talks about the future, which is really all that matters when the show returns. “You led me here,” responded Rick Grimes when Michonne is unsure if she can ever lead the group.

What’s your favorite part about this fan-made video?

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