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The Walking Dead is one of the most popular television shows on the air. Rightfully so, in my opinion. With tens of millions of viewers an episode, clearly the show will not be ending any time soon. But what about when it does end? Yes, a show tends to end when it stops being successful. But in those rare instances when the show never loses enough viewers for the network to decide to cancel it, it must eventually end. And it must end. Unlike a program about a certain yellow skinned family, which is going on its twenty eighth season. How is The Walking Dead going to complete its story arch?

S6 ended with Negan bashing in the heads of one of our main cast, so we know who the next threat to Alexandria is. How long will he be staying? Comic book readers such as myself have an idea, yet the show has rarely followed the graphic novel it was based off of. We can only guess. And what about when he’s inevitably beaten? What next?


In the comics, the Whispers then arrive, thousands of men and women who walk amongst the dead by draping themselves in their flesh. They get involved with Alexandria because of a territorial dispute. Alpha, the leader of the Whispers, assassinates several prominent characters and forms a border with their heads on a row of spikes.


What after them? Will another enemy arrive? The Walking Dead has existed for thirteen years, it’s television show for five, and neither seem to be slowing down. Yet they both seemed to have unfortunately developed a pattern. And do I blame them? Of course not. Whether it be film, novel, television show or Internet web series, exist for long enough, and a pattern always forms (just like that certain jaundice riddled family I mentioned). Point being, The Walking Dead is going to end, and how exactly? I can’t say for certain, but I have some ideas.

First: that Rick is going to die. He’s the first character we are introduced to in both the show and the comics, and has left a special place in the hearts of all Walking Dead fans (which, of course, in Walking Dead fashions, means that he is going to die). The first character being the last seems like a fitting poetic end, and perhaps replaced as leader by his one eyed son?

Second: no more walkers (in a fashion, of course). There will still be walkers, everybody who dies becomes a walker, yet I mean no more walkers on the outside. They’re rotting corpses, and eventually all rotting corpses decay into nothing. I foresee a flash forward a decade or so into the future, and there are no more straggling dead shuffling through the woods. Those that die of natural causes are cleanly stabbed through the head, which has then become just another part of death. More or less, all walkers are eradicated, and we end with a world very similar to our Colonial America, except with overgrown cities lining the horizons.

Finally: that my two previous ideas are totally incorrect. The Walking Dead ends with Alexandria in ruins and Rick and Carl escaping into the trees. This is where they presumably live out the rest of their days as nomads. I find both optimistic and pessimistic endings equally possible, yet it of course it could be none of the three. I really don’t know. Those were just a few of the many ideas that I have in my head.

And if any of you do know, say from a conversation with Robert Kirkman, please contact me immediately!

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