Willie Robertson Publicly CriticizedA little over the top if you ask me, after all… You can’t get more American than Willie Robertson and the family on Duck Dynasty.

I understand what the woman who made the remark meant on a deep level. I don’t think Willie ever means any disrespect at all however. Let me explain why I believe she was probably just speaking to speak.

First, Willie is a frequent speaker at Republican Rallies. He is known to devote his time freely and willingly to help make this country a place that we can all be proud to live in. Some American’s are saying it’s a disrespectful way to use the flag because it’s basically a sweatband, according to them. I don’t see it that way and I serious doubt Willie does either.

I see it in the same light as a youngster who wears a bandanna because he thinks it’s cool.

Plus, Willie is basically demonstrating his pride in being a citizen of the United States of America. He is definitely not intending to misuse, abuse or mistreat the flag in any way, shape or form. Willie Robertson stands by this country, more than most citizens do and really puts his time in to contribute to its greatness.

He is a solid man from a good family with a deep and profound faith in God. You can count on Willie guiding his life and the life of his family by the way of Christ and the Christian church. He lives ethically in by sound, traditional, healthy, American Morals and Values. And he teaches his children to do the same. You can look at his daughter Sadie, she’s got one of the best heads on her shoulders of any women her age in the entire country. And she was taught that by her mother, father and the rest of the Duck Dynasty family who all share the same moral and value system.

Willie Robertson Publicly CriticizedSo to go forth and declare he’s misusing the flag is a bit ridiculous.

And if we want to be specific here, it’s not an actual flag. It’s a bandanna made in the representation of the American flag. It’s not like Willie is walking around with a big giant American Flag wrapped around his head. He’s a true supporter of this country and someone who is helping to make it great again.

In actuality, if more people in this country spent time wearing and representing the flag instead of being allowed to spit on it, stomp on it, or burn it outright, this country would be a much better place to live and safer too. I say keep rocking the bandanna Willie, keep showing your support for the country and above all else, keep the spirit of your faith alive for us all.

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